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Monastery of the Sisters of Merciful Jesus

The Catholic Women’s Congregation, founded by the Blessed M. Sopoćko, helps spread God’s mercy. The purpose of the Sisters of the Merciful Jesus is to glorify and proclaim the mercy of God, to pray for others, and to do works of mercy.

The congregation was founded as a religious institution to be set up in Vilnius; however, because of the Second World War, it was formally founded in Poland. The Sisters arrived in Vilnius in 2001 and settled in the former residence of a monastery building. The present monastery chapel, which is from the interwar period, was the studio of the painter Eugene Kazimirowski, known for creating the image of the Merciful Jesus, which he painted using instructions from Sister Faustina in 1934 based on her visions. The entire territory is known as the Hill of the Saviour. It serves as the historical centre of mercy and has been home to charities like the Monasteries of Visitations, Missionaries and the Merciful Sisters since the 17th century.

Today, the Sisters of the Merciful Jesus have established a hospice and nursing home at the monastery for those with oncological diseases. Here you can directly touch mercy with yourself and keep God’s message going.

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