What’s for Dinner

The vast majority of the restaurants mentioned here didn’t even exist a decade ago. Needless to say, the past few years have been very productive, to the delight of foodies in Vilnius hungry for fine dining experiences, vegetarian and vegan options, exotic cuisine, and food that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Newly opened places are now subject to high standards, which motivate them to push their limits in the kitchen while providing exceptional service and interior designs, creative drink lists and chef’s specials, and of course, top-quality products. Each restaurant also sees the value in forming close relationships with farmers, suppliers, fishermen, and their clientele.

How about some Italian dishes?

Da Antonio

This restaurant should appear on the radars of those looking for classic Italian flavours combined with a little something new. Their long-time chef, Dmitrij Babenko, is constantly searching for unusual forms and combinations of Italian dishes on the basis of the cuisine’s classic canons, and his significant experience studying Italian cuisine. The menu here, as is common in Italy, begins with first and second courses, followed by a meat or fish course cooked on the grill, with the grand finale being dessert.

Location: Vilniaus 23
Opening hours: I-VII: 11.00-23.00
Price for dinner: €€€

Le Travi

If you’re looking for something simple but definitely not subpar, Le Travi is a good choice for an Italian meal. This restaurant’s chef specialises in pasta and wines, so their menu is not very long. However, the good Italian food and cosy atmosphere are definitely delivered by the chef and host, Mattia.

Location: Užupio 19
Opening hours: III-V 17:00-22:00, VI: 12.00-23.00, VII: 12:00-22:00
Price for dinner: €€

What about some French classics?


This is the longest-operating private restaurant in Lithuania, and is a culinary institute known for bringing up and inspiring several generations of local chefs. Since its very beginning, Stikliai’s menu has been faithful to the tried and true school of French cuisine. Prior to joining the Stikliai team, Chef Gerdvilas Žalys worked at one of the 15 best restaurants in the world for three years with French gastronomy legend Joël Robuchon, at his L‘Atelier de Joël Robuchon Saint-Germain. 

Location: Gaono 7
Opening hours: I-V 18:00-00:00, VI 12:00-00:00
Price for dinner: €€€€

Saint Germain

Saint Germain is also one of the oldest restaurants in Lithuania, offering a high level of service and an à la carte menu appreciated by movie stars like Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts, who all ate here while shooting films in Vilnius. By the way, beyond its unwavering loyalty to French cuisine, this restaurant also boasts a very impressive wine list.

Location: Literatų 9
Opening hours: I-VII 11:00-22:00
Price for dinner: €€€


The French restaurant Balzac will transport you to the romantic atmosphere of Paris and will infuse your evening with the passion found in the letters of Honoré de Balzac. Thanks to the authentic French dining and the beautiful, artistically crafted interior, you will forget that you are in the Heart of Vilnius, Savičius street. The ambiance of the Balzac dining space will make you feel as if you are in the City of Love. The menu is composed of some widely regarded classical dishes as well as more ornate examples of fine dining. 

Location: Savičiaus 7 
Opening hours: VII-IV: 12.00-23.00, V-VI: 12.00-24.00
Price for dinner: €€

What about an Indian dinner?

Sue’s Indian Raja

Sue’s Indian Raja offers a wide variety of Indian cuisine, including spicy curry, tandoori baked in a real clay oven, appetisers like samosas, pakora, chaat, and more. However, most of all, Sue’s Indian Raja is known for its stable quality and the spices and rice it uses, which are brought all the way from India. By the way, the host himself hails from India, too! And yet another delightful detail – the restaurant’s windows look out on to city’s iconic Cathedral Square!

Location: Odminių 3
Opening hours: I 17:00-21:00, II-VII 12:00-23:00
Price for dinner: €€


Gaspar himself comes from the island of Goa in India, and he brings a special spice mix prepared by his family to his restaurant, which distinguishes its menu from all others in the city. Not too long ago, Gaspar had to expand and add tables, because there’s a pretty high demand for his modern take on Indian cuisine, which uses only the freshest local products.

Location: Pylimo 23-3
Opening hours: I-IV: 12:00-22:30, V-VII: 12.00-23.00, VII: 10:00-20:30
Price for dinner: €€



You can eat seafood at many places in Vilnius, but you would be hard-pressed to find another restaurant where the extensive menu is dedicated entirely to seafood. Selfish is rather popular among residents of Vilnius, which allows the restaurant to offer fresh and quality seafood at affordable prices.

Location: Vilniaus 29
Opening hours: I-VII: 12:00-22:00
Price for dinner: €€

!! Selfish also has locations at Gourmet Panorama.

If you’re looking for a taste of Scandinavia...


One of the most renowned chefs in the country, Deivydas Praspaliauskas, is devoted to Scandinavian cuisine. After studying and interning in Copenhagen, he returned to Lithuania where he was the first to invite people to degustation dinners, which still take place to this day. Together with his knowledge of Scandinavian cuisine, he also brought with him the ideas of zero waste and ecologically balanced meals.

Location: Užupio 22
Opening hours: II-VI 19:00-22:00
Price for dinner: €€€

!! The ten-step degustation dinner at Amandus is €55 per person.

Lovers of Spanish cuisine gather here

El Mercado

This is a restaurant-marketplace where, in line with all the Spanish traditions, you can snack at the bar, eat a hearty meal at one of the tables, or shop for some gourmet food. El Mercado prepares meals from various regions of Spain, like Catalonia, Galicia, Murcia, Andalusia and elsewhere. All the dishes are carefully selected by the restaurant’s hostess, Vilija, who spends a lot time in Spain.

Location: Didžioji 3
Opening hours: I-VII: 12.00-24.00
Price for dinner: €€€

Perhaps some modern classics?


Dine is perfect for those who appreciate privacy, high-class service, and a carefully selected menu. People return to Dine again and again for their favourite dishes, which always stay on the menu (for example, the exquisite octopus with young potatoes and homemade duck sausage), as well as the professionally selected wines. One of the hosts of Dine is Arminas Darasevičius, a sommelier who is considered to be among the best in Lithuania. 

Location: Gedimino 35
Opening hours: I-III 11:30-22:00, IV-VI 11:30-23:00
Price for dinner: €€€


Chef Liutauros Čeprackas, who is well known in Lithuania, uses only ingredients of exceptional quality for the dishes in Gastronomika, which come from all over the world: Italy, France, Germany, Japan, etc. Each dish on the tasting menu must have its own individual story. So, every time he creates a menu for the restaurant, Liutauras is selling an emotion, not food.

Gastronomika is not a fancy restaurant, it’s a place for good food, offering a tasting menu, a vegetarian tasting menu and a la carte menu.

Location: Bokšto 6
Opening hours: II-VI: 17:00-23:00
Price for dinner: €€€€


Part of the Grand Hotel Kempinski, the dishes at Telegrafas suit all sorts of different tastes. Nearly all of them have a certain Lithuanian twist. Dinner at this restaurant is both delicious and healthy: appetisers at Telegrafas are fat-free, while the desserts are perfectly balanced and the main courses are served with lower-calorie side dishes.

Location: Universiteto 14
Opening hours: I-VII 12:00-22:30
Price for dinner: €€€

!! Telegrafas has both an à la carte and tasting menu that starts at €60 per person.


Lithuanian nature is humble, calm and harmonious. It conceals numerous hidden treasures that are not immediately visible. The same description applies to Lithuanian cuisine and its ingredients. Restaurant PACAI aims to discover these hidden gems and present them in a way that showcases their true brilliance on the plate. The key to unlocking the authentic taste of Lithuania lies in the simplicity and yet expressive and distinctive flavors of local ingredients such as caraway seeds, dill, horseradish, and many others. As the seasons change, our nature offers a diverse range of aromas and textures, allowing us to be imaginative, inquisitive, and constantly exploring in the kitchen. Restaurant chefs are inspired by the concept of Nordic-Lithuanian cuisine, which drives them to create innovative and original flavors. 

Location: Didžioji 7
Opening hours: I-V: 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00; VI: 18:00-23:00
Price for dinner: €€€

Something Japanese?


Looking for authentic Japanese flavours? Come to Narushi, located not far from the legendary Halės Market. They only opened their doors in 2019 and are already on their way to becoming the best sushi place in Vilnius.

Location: Pylimo 60
Opening hours: II-VI 12:00-24:00
Price for dinner: €€



If you’re looking for Vietnamese cuisine, the extensive and delicious menu at Saigon is something you should look into. Chef Minth Thui is responsible for curating Saigon’s menu, while a team of Vietnamese cooks work in the kitchen. The pho soups here are exceptional.

Location: A. Jakšto 7
Opening hours: I-V 17:00-22:00, VI-VII 12:00-22:00
Price for dinner: €€

!! Saigon can also be found at Gourmet Panorama shopping mall.


This place is popular among the city’s youth, partly because the restaurant’s second floor is home to Opium, one of Vilnius’ trendiest nightclubs. Nevertheless, this place can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates pan-Asian flavours. The food at Briusly is both delicious and reasonably priced.

Location: Islandijos 4
Opening hours: I-VII: 12:00-22:00
Price for dinner: €

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