So what’s for lunch today? Lunch of the day doesn’t have to be boring, routine or expensive. Change the environment, dine in a place that turns into a dive bar at weekends. Visit a Lithuanian restaurant and you might be surprised to find that it’s not just tourists who can be impressed. Order an unconventional lunch combination. Lunch can be a feast every day. Even if you ate lunch at the same restaurant every day, it would take months to finish all the dishes. But why limit yourself to just one place? Vilnius offers many unconventional places for a hearty and inexpensive lunch.

Būsi trečias

This is not only the oldest small brewery in the city, but also the longest-running catering establishment on Totorių Street, surprising with its reliable combination of European and Lithuanian cuisine. There are light snacks, hearty meals, and a daily menu that surprises with something new every time, including traditional chicken and fish dishes and lamb for the true gourmets.

Location: Totorių 18
Opening hours: VIII-IV 11:00-24:00, V-VI 11:00-2:00


Even a daytime lunch can be casual, with potato pancakes or fried Cepelinai eaten on wooden benches. If you like to dine with friends, the tables can accommodate even the biggest group. The perfect choice when you want cosy, hearty and familiar food.

Location: Šv. Mikalojaus g. 15
Opening hours: I-VII 11:00-23:00

Etno dvaras

Even a quick lunch can turn into a feast for your stomach. The best traditions of Lithuanian cuisine: from stuffed cabbage rolls (Balandėliai) or neck steak to hearty soups, they all will give you energy for the rest of the day. You won’t get tired of different dishes every day, even if you have lunch here every day.

Location: Aušros vartų 2
Opening hours:
I-VI 10:00-22:00


You’re having lunch in the heart of the city, but it looks like you’re visiting your mum, who’s going to make your favourite dish. Here, you’ll probably find one of the biggest lunch selections of the day, and you don’t have to choose just from traditional Lithuanian dishes – European cuisine is perfect for those who want to have a light snack.

Location: Pilies 8
Opening hours:
VIII-IV 11:00-22:00, V-VI 11:00-23:00

Bernelių užeiga

The smells of the inn next to the Opera and Ballet Theatre beckon from afar. Even if you don’t have the time but dream of traditional Lithuanian dishes, the meals from the daily refreshed menu will be on your table in no time. You’re sure to have a meal that will have you wanting to move mountains in the afternoon.

Location: Pilies g. 10
Opening hours: I-IV 11:00-23:00, V-IV 11:00-24:00, VII 11:00-22:00

Plus Plus Plus

Siesta? Or maybe a fiesta? Soup, hot dish or salad and a drink – the lunch of the day, a set that will tempt you not only with its price but also with its taste. The menu, which changes five days a week, combines Lithuanian and Spanish cuisine and allows you to taste something new every day.

Location: Gedimino pr. 9
Opening hours: I 11:00-2:00; II-IV, VII 11:00-3:00; V-VI 11:00-4:00


The beigels once went to New York with the Litvaks, but now they are back on the lunch table in Vilnius. Spark your imagination and your taste buds and embark on a gastronomic journey, even at lunchtime. By the way, vegetarian and vegan options are available!

Location: Literatų 7
Opening hours:
I-VII 9:00-19:00


It smells of wood-fired oven smoke, and lunch is served by a chef, who knows just what to offer to satisfy even the most demanding guests. Vegetarian or vegan options are always available!

Location: Sodų 3
Opening hours: VII-III 16:00-24:00, IV-VI 16:00-1:00