Save room for dessert, because there are so many sweet experiences waiting for you in Vilnius. Either a pastry that almost every Lithuanian is familiar with, such as tinginys, varškės spurgos, žagarėliai, or one of the great French classics, like a croissant, pain au chocolat, macaron, canelé, or even some Italian tiramisu. What about a piece of traditional baklava or Jewish teiglach? Have you heard of the Karaite’s šimtalapis? Once again: save room for dessert because there are plenty of temptations! 


Sugar and love connects in the delights of Sugamour. This fancy boutique presents french desserts that is made with an eye for details as in the making of jewellery. This place has to offer more than handmade sweets – breakfast menu is all day long and beauty and elegance that is felt both inside and outside the cafe. Sugamour is proud to have one of the most beautiful decorations that is visible from a distance.  

Location: Vokiečių 11

Augustas Ir Barbora

Žygimantas Augustas and his wife Barbora Radvilaitė is a legendary couple who could be compared to Romeo and Juliet. Augustas and Barbora is a cafe in the very heart of Oldtown which is dedicated to their romantic love story. Because of impressive flower composition, it became one of the Instagramble cafes in Vilnius. The cafe shares a room with a diamond boutique. So flowers, desserts, champagne, diamonds. What else could be better? 

Location: Stiklių 7

Liu Patty

Holy sweetness! Cupcakes, cakes, cape pops… Could be difficult to choose one. Liu Patty is a tiny pattiserie in Užupis which used to be a pharmacy. As a result latte comes in a test tube and those with allergies can be calm – there is a dessert for everyone. Hundred years old authentic wooden furniture makes this place cozy and charming. 

Location: Užupio 20

Holy Donut

And here comes a place for those who adore donuts. Holy Donut has a huge selection of American type of donuts. Don‘t say no to Lithuanian type which looks like a fried ball and is made of curd. However, there are more sweet and sour options which will fill you up. 

Location: Vokiečių 9 


This is a café and vegan dessert bakery with a truly unique atmosphere. Here you will find cakes and pies that have already become favourites of many, and only plant-based products are used to make them. You will be able to choose from many original and quality teas, freshly roasted Crooked Nose coffee or other drinks such as a chai latte or matcha. We prepare all our drinks with either cow or plant-based milk (of which we have as many as four varieties). And if you want a more serious meal, we offer hearty grilled vegan sandwiches.

Location: Totorių 7

Italala Caffè

Ciao! Italala Caffè is a stylish coffee house with a strong Italian spirit. It was founded by two ladies Ramune and Julija that you might meet – they both work at the cafe and make specialty coffee that is made of beans roasted in Florence. Sweet treats vary from freshly baked cornetti with various spreads, tiramisu, cannoli to several tastes of gelato and some more serious snacks for those who are hungry. For the cold season chai latte is highly recommended!

Location: Vokiečių 1

Druska Miltai Vanduo

Brownies, Portuguese custard tarts pastéis de nata, cinnamon rolls, shortbread and more. If these are your type of sweets, head straight to trendy Train station neighborhood. The smell of Druska Miltai Vanduo breads and pastries spreads everywhere in Geležinkelio street. This bakery is one of the trendiest places for a brunch, so make sure you book a table for a weekend. Otherwise, grab your treat for take-away. 

Location: Geležinkelio 3 

Patore Sesės

Patore Sesės is not far from the city center and the Oldtown. This small bakery offers healthier pastries and cakes which have less sugar but the taste is still great. The owners are two sisters who are keen on experimentation. Their newest invention was a sensation. They made a pink soups‘ (šaltibarščiai) cake! Obviously, it wasn‘t sweet. 

Location: Šaltinių 20