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Lithuanian Cuisine Restaurants

A gastronomic renaissance coincided with Lithuania gaining its independence in 1990. First, we wanted to try everything that people in the Soviet era couldn’t even dream of, like Italian classics, French delicacies, fancy seafood, sushi, American burgers and more. Once we tried everything, we came to a collective realisation that some of the best flavour combinations can be found right here in our own country. As a result, more and more restaurants are focusing on incorporating local produce into their menus and revisiting techniques and ingredients popular among our ancestors.


Although they’ve been voted the best restaurant in Lithuania for the past two years, Džiaugsmas does not claim to be a fine dining establishment. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – Džiaugsmas’ chef and owner, Martynas Praškevičius, invites people to relax while really tasting and sharing their meals, some of which are even meant to be eaten with your hands. Quality is the recipe for success at this place – all of the main ingredients on the menu are Lithuanian and of the highest class, purchased directly from local farmers.

Location: Vilniaus 28
Opening hours: I-VI 17:00-23:00
Price for dinner: €€


At the restaurant Queensberry you can find interpretations of meals coming from different Lithuania‘s regions, as well as cepelinai, zrazai, vėdarai and bulvių plokštainis. Menu expands with the changing lunch options during the working days. Queensberry is a wine restaurant and it is felt in the meals where wine often comes as an ingredient. The wine list alone is very exceptional because it offers around 60 wines that come from Lithuania. 

Location: Didžioji 18
Opening hours: VII-IV 11:00-00:00, V-VI 11:00-01:00
Price for dinner: €€

Ertlio Namas

Would you like to travel back in time? A restaurant Ertlio namas can offer a gastronomic journey where you will discover what Lithuanian nobility ate from 13th to 19th centuries. Tasting menus which combine modern culinary techniques and authentic recipes are created together with historians, so the meals and the stories around it should be taken seriously. 

Location: Šv. Jono 7
Opening hours: I-IV 17:00-22:00, V 17:00-23:00, VI 13:00-23:00, VII 13:00-22:00
Price for dinner: €€

Senoji Trobelė

This quaint little house in the middle of the city looks like it’s straight out of the olden days, but it hides a delicious secret. The authentic eatery invites guests to savour Lithuania’s oldest heritage recipes and the dishes that were most popular among its nobility. Served on clay plates at wooden tables, the meat, game, and potatoes dishes are prepared according to old Lithuanian traditions. Plus, there are many vegetarian options and the bread is baked daily according to ancient Lithuanian customs. To balance the selection of comfort food, get a glass of kvass, traditional Lithuanian beer or mead.

Location: Naugarduko 36
Opening hours: I-V 11:00-23:00, VI-VII 12:00-23:00
Price for dinner: €€

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