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The House of Signatories

In short

The House of Signatories is a monument of history and architecture where the Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania was signed on February 16, 1918.

After the third partition of Poland and Lithuania in 1795, all of Lithuania, except Užnemunė, was occupied by Tsarist Russia. The name of Lithuania disappeared from the map of the world. The road to independence is a long 123-year struggle to save Lithuanian writing, Lithuanian church services, the right to study and speak the mother tongue, the right to use national symbolism and to be an independent nation.

Brief History

The House of Signatories exposition - the history of the national revival of the beginning of the 20th century and the restoration of modern Lithuania in 1918 (1904-1918) - begins with the story of the national revival that took place in Vilnius and the subsequent consistent cultural and political activities of the Lithuanian nation.

The Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania, published under the terms of the German occupation of Kaiser (1915-1918), is a conceptual, laconic 122-word document that later, throughout the occupation, awakened the hope of independence that had never ceased to exist, and was the constitutional foundation of the State of Lithuania, when Lithuania was restored in 1990.

The House of Signatories exposition, situated in thirteen rooms, is unique in that it is constantly supplemented with relics purchased or lent by relatives of the signatories of the Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania. Occupations, war, repression, forced emigration broke people's destinies and destroyed their signs of life. Six signatories became political emigrants, while the other six who remained in Lithuania became victims of Soviet terror. All families of the twenty signatories of the Act of February 16 were repressed.

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