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The Energy and Technology Museum

In short

The first central power station in Vilnius attracts the attention of passers-by now more than ever, and it destroys the established stereotypes of a traditional museum.

Opened in 2003, the museum occupied only 17 percent of the premises of this industrial heritage site, but after the completion of reconstruction in the fall of 2008, which was supported by EU structural funds, the museum expanded from 800 m² to 5,000 m².

Along with the area, the number of exhibitions increased and the whole theme changed as well the museum became the largest technical museum in Lithuania in regards to its content.

Brief History

The expanded energy exhibition allows visitors to experience the authentic equipment of a recently operational power plant, and a stroll around steam boilers, turbines, generators, condensers and sophisticated pipelines allows visitors to experience the spirit of this type of industrial facility.

The wind and solar power plants, which operate on the roof of the museum, present the society with an increasingly more important alternative source of energy every day. The energy exposition is supplemented by information terminals and existing models of Kruonis Pumped Storage and Ignalina Nuclear Power Plants.

After the reconstruction, the Energy and Technology Museum invited guests to visit the new exhibitions of Transport (permanently closed), Vilnius City Industrial and Technical History as well as interactive zones “Science for kids“. All exhibitions use a large amount of modern technological equipment, which encourages visitors not only to observe, but also to actively participate in the cognitive process.

The exhibition of Vilnius City Technical History invites visitors to look at how industrialization has changed the face and everyday life of the city, get to know the industry itself, the technologies and products, as well as people who made them. The exhibition time circle begins with crafts and continues until the end of the Soviet era; important industries of the city, such as textiles, glass, paper, calculating machines, and laser technologies, are introduced.

This exposition is the museum's effort to start purposefully collecting the technical heritage of the city of Vilnius, involving city residents and developers in this process. A special thematic tour "Made in Vilnius" is offered for those who want to get more acquainted with Vilnius technical and industry history.

The Energy and Technology Museum with its authentic industrial environment attracts not only visitors but also the organizers of various events. The museum hosts both private and public events: concerts, performances, conferences… Video clips and photo sessions are conducted in this non-traditional environment.

The museum is starting to become an attractive place not only for people interested in technology or energy but also for families, pupils, students, residents of Vilnius and guests of Vilnius city.

Open the museum website and listen to the audio guide straight from your smartphone. Enjoy the information you won't find in the descriptions to get a closer look at the exhibits at the Energy and Technology Museum. Audio guide recordings are available in Lithuanian, English, Russian and Polish.

Since 2020 you can also visit an escape room at the museum “Secrets of the Old Power Plant of Vilnius”.

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Temporary working hours:
III-V: 11:30-20:00
VI-VII: 10:00-18:30
I-II: Closed

Temporary working hours will be in operation until the end of the national lockdown.
Closed during national holidays.


€6 adults
€3 pupils, students, pensioners
€1.20 disabled people
Free with Vilnius Pass

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