Museum of Vladislovas Sirokomlė

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Publishers once competed to share the latest works of Vladislovas Sirokomlė, one of Lithuania’s most popular poets. Sirokomlė translated the works of Renaissance poets who wrote in Latin in the 6th century, and lived and created in Bareikiškės until his death.

Bareikiškės is a small manor and village located 14 km from Vilnius near the old Vilnius-Minsk Highway. The 19th-century wooden building is preserved in the village where the poet, whose real name was Liudvikas Kondratovičius, lived and created from 1853 to 1861. The building features a museum and tourism information centre.

The years he spent in Bareikiškės were the most successful in his literary career.

In 1853, after the death of their three children, Vladislavas Sirokomlė and his wife Paulina Mitraševska (Mitraszewska) settled in Vilnius. However, after a few months of noisy city life, the poet decided to rent and live in the Bareikiškes manor, where he and his wife discovered spiritual peace.

Brief History

The wooden manor has remained in Bareikiškės until this day. On the side of the building in the shade of old trees there is a millstone that the poet used as a table. You can also see the black granite table-shaped monument in the shadows of trees in front of the porch, which was built in 1897 in the poet's memory. A lyre is inscribed on its surface.

The museum opened in 1975 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Sirokomlė’s birth. The museum’s exhibition includes Sirokomlė's personal belongings, furniture and books distributed by the poet.

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Statue of the Annalist
Statue of the Annalist

The Annalist is a pink granite decorative sculpture