Getting to know Vilnius in a new way – free discoveries with audio guides

As you walk through the streets of Vilnius, you set your eyes on symbols of the city that are shrouded in legend, historical architecture, and urban spaces embellished with works of contemporary art. 

People have lived, created and loved in Vilnius for 700 years, so the city’s streets can tell a myriad of intriguing stories. Embark on a discovery-filled journey at your own pace – pick the topic and duration, and let the audio guide take you around Vilnius. Even half an hour will give you a chance to see the city with new eyes, take you to the past, help you dive into another reality, or broaden your horizons. All you need is a phone and earphones and Vilnius’s best guides will take you around the city any time you like, free of charge. Just select a topic and go!

A Trip with Coffee Through the History of Vilnius / VERO CAFE

A half-hour walk with a cup of coffee in hand will add some colour to your day. Even the streets you know well have intriguing stories and surprises hidden within. Go at any pace you like – you’ll find clearly positioned points on the map and will be able to choose which stories to listen to. Select one of four routes and take a look around. Who lived in that green house? Why is that street name so unusual? The audio guide will answer your questions, a special music track will create the mood for walking, and the cup of coffee will open your eyes. But if you decide to pass on the coffee, the audio guide’s stories will be no less interesting!


Secret Love

For those who like romance and secrets – Lithuania’s most famous love story – the story of Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Sigismund II Augustus and his wife, Barbara Radziwiłł. The audio guide will take you to the most memorable places in Vilnius, where these people, who have been the source of legends for half a millennium, lived in 1520-1549. What secrets surrounded this couple? What are the facts and what are just myths? Take an hour to walk through the Vilnius of the past and experience the medieval spirit today.


The Walls Remember

Download the app and visit Vilnius as it was before the war. Take a walk down Vilnius’s Memory Lane – as you stroll through the Glass Quarter, you’ll get to know its former inhabitants, find out who lived in the surviving buildings, hear about extinct professions, and get a taste of daily life. The music track and pleasant voice will create the atmosphere and take you back to times of old. The app is updated periodically so you can always find new routes. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.


Open Gallery

If you’re interested in street art or want to learn more about the pieces that grace the city’s walls, this audio guide will be a pleasant find. Vilnius is famous for the street art that embellishes the urban spaces of Naujamiestis, which you can see any time of day at the Open Gallery. The audio guide provides an amazing opportunity to hear more about the creators and their inspiration and work, and to delve into their meaning and the stories behind them. This is a chance for you to broaden your horizons and become inspired, with a different music track accompanying each piece and creating the mood. The audio guide is compatible with the Android operating system.

Samuel Bak’s Road

Samuel Bak, a world-renowned painter based in New York, lived in Vilnius during the World War II and experienced all of its horrors. But today he tells his story and the story of those who are no longer with us. Listening to the audio guide, you will travel from the young artist’s house and hiding place to the place of his first exhibition and the Samuel Bak Museum. The poignant story narrated by a young Samuel Bak reveals the tragic experience of Jewish history. Yet the audio guide is not full of sadness – after scanning the QR code, an interactive game will immerse you in the reality of the time at each 

7 routes across 7 centuries

Embark on a journey through time and explore Vilnius’ rich history with GlobeTrott Travel’s mobile application. Celebrating Vilnius’ 700th birthday, 7 self-guided walking tours have been designed to showcase the city’s transformation over the centuries. Guided by detailed maps scroll down the winding streets of the old town to discover the hidden gems of Vilnius. Each tour will provide a unique perspective of life in Vilnius through insightful stories about each object that you will visit.

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