Activities in Vilnius for people who like to move

Impressive architecture and intriguing stories aren’t the only things Vilnius has to offer. People drawn to adventure will find just as much to do as history buffs. If you like active recreation, can’t seem to stand still, and want to see the youthful side of the city, Vilnius has some unforgettable experiences in store for you. Land or water, choose your element and set out for some fun. Or maybe opt for an eco-friendly means of transportation to explore the outskirts of Vilnius. Spend time in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding Vilnius, find like-minded people, and embark on a journey of discovery. Let’s get moving!

Discoveries on foot

Vilnius was made for walking! The beautiful historic Old Town sites are best discovered on foot, with art and family fun with the kids along guaranteed – the Walkable Vilnius routes are designed for enjoyment and learning something new about special places and amazing stories. Choose your route according to its duration or theme – whether you walk 1,000 or 7,000 steps, you’re sure to have a great experience. Want something more serious? Get your pedometers ready. Vilnius has a whopping 100km of hiking trails waiting for you. Choose a segment on the map by length, complexity or starting point and see the less touristy – but no less wonderful and green – side of Vilnius. Or maybe challenge yourself to do the entire 100 km – the segments form one continuous circular route, mainly on soft forest and meadow paths instead of pavement. Follow the official route markers or download the app.

Time for a run

Whether you’re on the banks of the Neris River, at Vingis or Verkiai parks, or on the paths of the Bernardine Gardens, you’ll always run into a lot of runners. No, no one’s chasing them, it’s just that running in Vilnius is a simple pleasure that doesn’t cost a thing. All you need are comfortable running shoes and the city becomes one big gym. People who like running on pavement will enjoy the banks of the Neris River, and if you want to take in some fresh forest air, you can run from there to Vingis Park. Don’t like long distances? The Bernardine Gardens’ paths are perfect for a light morning jog. Prefer trail running? Head over to Verkiai Park and take on the hills. Whether you’re running your first kilometre ever or training for a marathon, the sun is out and Vilnius is inviting you to move.

Open-air gym

Working out in Vilnius doesn’t always have to take place in a traditional gym. You can always exercise in the fresh air at one of Vilnius’ several outdoor gyms, completely free of charge. Fresh air, a light breeze, and beautiful greenery – not even the most expensive gyms can boast of an environment like that. Put together a full fitness programme at Vingis Park and get to work! Work out all day if you like – no one keeps track of time here. And forget stationary bikes – rent a bicycle and ride with the wind along the park’s bike paths. Need to recharge after a workout? Stop by a nearby café. Like volleyball, basketball, scooters or rollerblades? Go over to the White Bridge, where you’ll find an entire sports complex. The specially equipped courts for different sports, exercise machines and relaxation zones will keep you busy all day long. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people or find an entire team of new friends.

Kayaking through Vilnius

When the weather gets warm, going kayaking will give you a chance to relax and see the city from a different point of view, so jump in a kayak and head off downstream. The Neris and Vilnelė rivers invite you to enjoy the changing landscape, starting with lush meadows and forests and finishing in the heart of the city. For those with more experience, the rocky and fast Vilnia River offers exciting challenges, such as crossing fallen trees or carrying the kayak through shallower parts of the river. Kayaking on the calm Neris River is the ultimate form of relaxation – you can even stop for a little picnic and check out the Old Town from a different angle. Wave to passers-by, look for wildlife on the shores, and pass a boat. For a romantic moment, go kayaking during sunset, or set out when it’s already dark so you can see Vilnius illuminated by the city lights. The shortest distance is two hours of tranquillity in a kayak.

Fly through the waves

It’s time to pull out the board and do masterful tricks or learn to tame the water. The wakeboarding parks around Vilnius let you plunge into lakes and all the fun they offer. This is the perfect way to get your stiff muscles moving, whether you’re a beginner or a professional. You can rent equipment there, and if you’ve never done it before, you can get a crash course with professionals who are always ready to help. Or if you’re looking to relive some childhood memories, you can bounce up and down over an obstacle course at one of the inflatable water parks. What could be better than bouncing on a lake on a hot summer’s day? There are plenty of different obstacles and attractions for the whole family.

SUP meditation

Rent a SUP board or go on a river tour right in the heart of Vilnius. You won’t even notice how a couple of hours of taking in the views and tranquillity of nature pass by. Morning mist, amazing sunsets or night adventures await. Even if you’re not really into sports, you’ll love it all the same – just stand, kneel or sit on the board and enjoy the changing scenery as the river carries you downstream. Go at your own pace and see how the hustle and bustle of the city goes silent on the water, and it seems like there’s no longer a need to rush anywhere. It’s a meditative experience when the city emerges from the mist in the morning, or when the rays of the setting sun turn the water gold in the evening.

Cycling with the wind

The best way to avoid traffic jams in Vilnius is to cycle, since the city has an impressive 112 km of bike paths, with more coming soon. Convenient route maps, new paths and shared bike stands make cycling both a means of transportation and a form of pleasure. However, you don’t need to plan a route in advance. Take a bike tour and get to know Vilnius with a guide who will bring you to the more remote corners of the city, introduce you to different neighbourhoods, and share amazing stories. And you don’t even have to
have your own bike – the tour operators will take care of everything. However, if you prefer exploring the city on your own and don’t have your own bike, you can rent one at Vingis Park or use the CycloCity bike sharing system, where you can pick up and drop off a bike at one of their many stations. The system lets you rent a bike for one trip, but if you purchase a subscription for just a few days, you can ride one bike for free for half an hour! With the money you’ll save, you can sit down for a coffee while looking at the most beautiful views of the city.

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