You probably know the feeling of visiting a country and wanting to bring a little piece of it back home with you. Without a doubt, Lithuania’s nature and the goods that are derived from it are among the best souvenirs to bring back from Vilnius.


The sweetest souvenir you can find in Lithuania. For centuries, honey was used in place of sugar and to this day it is still a healthy alternative sweetener.


Over the course of a year, Lithuanians bake and eat the most rye bread in the world, and this food product is the most popular gift to bring to Lithuanians living abroad.


This many-branched dessert made from many eggs can keep for a long time without losing its shape or flavour. By the way, no wedding in Lithuania can be held without this dessert.


Lithuania is one of only a few nations that makes cheese from sweet white curd. Also, there are cheeses that have been baked and seasoned with caraway. For something more unique, try some apple cheese.


One of the world's oldest alcoholic drinks, Lithuania has made mead its own over the centuries. Stakliškių mead distillery still makes this drink according to old recipes.

Acorn Coffee

Acorns don’t contain any caffeine, yet they are full of proteins, vitamins and minerals that have all sorts of health benefits. They can help strengthen the body, purify the blood, remove toxins, and more. 

Berry Wine

Lithuanian wines – made from blackberry, lingonberry, black currant, chokeberry or other fruit or berries – are exceptional, and make for the perfect gift for any wine lover. 

Herbal Tea

Teas made from herbs that grow wild in Lithuania’s national parks not only taste unique but also have healing powers. Also available are teas made from matured herbs.

Where in Vilnius can you buy edible souvenirs?

Halės Market (Pylimo 58), Benedikto Market (Ukmergės 259A), Senamiesčio Krautuvėlė (Literatų 5), Tymo Market (IV 10:00-15:00, junction of Aukštaičių and Maironio streets).