According to Theatre Director Dalia Ibelhauptaite and Actor & Director Dexter Fletcher

Start the day 

Dalia: My perfect foodie day would start with breakfast at Shakespeare Hotel, a great place for a very tasty breakfast. They serve wonderful pastries, different styles of eggs, traditional Lithuanian breakfast dishes, and really good coffee in a relaxed setting.

Dexter: For the last 20 years, my favourite place to start the day has been Pilies Kepyklėlė; they make the most wonderful crepes with sweet and savoury fillings. So, that would definitely be my first stop.

Coffee break

Dalia & Dexter: Some of the best coffee we’ve ever tried in Vilnius was at Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories. We would definitely go there on a perfect foodie day. For the best sweets in town, we would go to the vegan dessert bakery Kiras, which, by the way, also serves Crooked Nose coffee.


Dalia: I would choose Vegafe, a superb vegetarian restaurant that serves very tasty vegetarian food all day long, but for lunch you can get specials and lunch deals.

Dexter: I’d go for Gaspar’s. It has a unique taste – a combination of Indian inspired flavours in a clean and contemporary setting. Moreover, I love meeting Gaspar himself, who studied and worked in London some years ago.


We both appreciate Amandus, so we would go for dinner there. Why? We are partial to this place since chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas is a great friend of ours. He serves a Scandinavian inspired tasting menu, which is like seeing and tasting a super food show with unexpected combinations of flavours.

Dalia: If I were to have my perfect foodie day alone, I would choose Delta Mityba, as they offer Japanese and Korean inspired cuisine – interpretations of ramen, pho and nabe soups, the most fantastic bao, and dumplings. By the way, they make their own kimchi and have a buzzing, artsy, underground and cool Berlin feel to their space.

Dexter: Alone I would go for Džiaugsmas – it’s been named the best restaurant in Lithuania for the second consecutive year, and it’s been my favourite from the very beginning. They have a great innovative menu based on the best quality Lithuanian produce, and possibly the best meat in town.