Longer nights mean longer parties! Once the sun sets, the stage for nightlife in Vilnius is set. Be it a pub crawl, dancing until dawn, or just a perfect night out on the town, Vilnius is a city buzzing with people, chatter, and fun. Join the party because everyone’s invited. Wondering what to expect? Check out our list.

Opium Club

An authentic urban party space where the rhythms of house and techno music will carry you away. Opium Club attracts different contemporary performers from all over the world each week, so have a look at the line-up – you might be impressed. The club was also featured on Boiler Room; so yes, it takes music seriously.

Location: Islandijos 4


Show us your best moves! The crowd is welcoming, the music is familiar, and the cocktails are on point. Go wild and party till dawn. You can even recharge over brunch at Bardakas in the afternoon; they have a great selection to fill you up and give you enough energy for more dancing.

Location: Vilniaus 22

Cocktails That Taste Like More


Hands down some of the best cocktails in town. These aren’t your regular bartenders standing behind the bar pouring your drinks. They are professional mixologists ready to delight you with exotic flavour combinations or mix up some classic cocktails just the way you like them. Their Bloody Mary has been known to bring people back from the dead!

Location: Islandijos 1

King and Mouse

First and foremost a whiskey bar, so if you’re a whiskey aficionado, this place is a must for you. You can take part in a tasting event or just ask the bartender to suggest something new. The bar also has its own whiskey that you can’t get anywhere else. But the cocktails here are an integral part of the menu, with whiskey playing the starring role. And of course, there’s always something new and inspiring to try.

Location: Trakų 2


Shots! Who said shots?! If you’re coming to Vilnius with friends, Drops is a great way to start or end your night out. Colourful, exciting, smooth and strong, shots are this bar’s signature drink. There’s also a nice garden to linger longer with a cocktail in hand if you’re up for it.

Location: Vilniaus 37

Beers? Cheers!

Alaus biblioteka

Ready for a beer adventure? The menu is extensive, with some 60 styles of beer, 15 taps and almost 300 bottled beers from all over the world. If you’re having trouble choosing, feel free to ask for suggestions or even a degustation.

Location: Trakų 4


Get on track with your beer! This trendy bar right next to the train station is a local favourite, so you can do some train-spotting while getting cosy next to the statue of an oversized Tony Soprano. The bar often features live music, so you can spend all evening enjoying the changing crowd.

Location: Geležinkelio 6


A true British pub, Portobello offers 20 kinds of beer and takes its food seriously – from snacks to dishes that pair well with a pint. So you’re in for a perfect combination for a long evening, especially if you’re into watching sports.

Location: Aušros Vartų 7

Treat Yourself

The Bubbles. Champagneria

Raise a crystal glass to toast your trip to Vilnius! Enjoy the bubbles and get into a proper mood for the evening. There are all kinds of sparkling drinks to choose from, so you’ll surely find something perfect just for you. The atmosphere resembles the 30’s when they knew what a proper party was.

Location: Vilniaus 35


Party in the clouds…almost. Enjoy the amazing views of the Old Town from the 22nd floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel with a cocktail in hand. SkyBar has more than 70 excellent cocktails to choose from! The sky is filled with hot air balloons flying by in the autumn evenings, and it’s also the perfect place for some wild dancing later In the night.

Location: Konstitucijos 20


Order a glass of wine and get ready for some interesting conversations. You might walk into a concert, a poetry reading, or a champagne-tasting night, so expect the unexpected. If you stay there longer, you will probably see most of the famous locals coming for a drink. Don’t forget to leave your message on the wall so that every new visitor will know you had a great time.

Location: Aušros Vartų 7

Dancing Like Crazy


Loftas opens up the season with the only urban music festival in the Baltics in September. The whole season is filled with performances by renowned Lithuanian and international artists, so take advantage of the chance to hear some of the freshest electronic and indie sounds. Loftas is situated in an old factory but still has a modern club vibe. When you’re not dancing, take a walk around and enjoy the street art on the walls of the Open Gallery.

Location: Švitrigailos 29

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