Although Vilnius is more than 700 years old, it is not always serious and is perfectly suitable for even the youngest visitors. From free entertainment to spectacular experiences, the whole family will find activities to suit their interests in Vilnius. Discover Vilnius in a new way and hear many special stories as you explore the city through the eyes of children. It’s time to go to the city!

Verkių g. 27, Vilnius („Ogmios miestas“)

Where in Vilnius will you see a lemur hop on your shoulders, feed a rabbit or watch monkeys climbing trees? Vilnius Zoopark will take you to exotic lands whatever the weather. Here, you’ll see almost 90 species of animals up close, which will fascinate the youngest and oldest visitors alike. 

Railway Museum 
Vilnius Railway Station
Geležinkelio g. 16, Vilnius

Time to go on a trip! Visit the most modern railway museum in the Baltics and learn about the history of railways in Lithuania. The interactive and modern museum’s extensive historical collection won’t leave older visitors indifferent, while younger visitors will be fascinated by the working railway layout, the Challenge, Toddler, Discovery and Play platforms. 

Rail Park

The park can be accessed by stairs from the pedestrian viaduct at Vilnius railway station, or by coming or going by bicycle through the gate on the Pelesa Street side.
Train and technology enthusiasts will find a special place – the free outdoor exhibition of the Railway Museum, where the ringing of the historic bell makes all the dreams of train fans come true. As many as 28 20th century rolling stock – locomotives, tank trains, steam locomotives, railway rails, a wide variety of machinery and even a restoration carriage – are waiting for you to embark on a journey of discovery. No matter how old you are, it will be fun to swing on a swing made of wheelsets or try out the workings of a hand-operated stagecoach. 

Museum of Energy and Technology
Rinktinės g. 2, Vilnius

Oh no, you’ve turned off the electricity for the whole city! No big deal, it’s just one of the museum’s interactive games. You have to touch everything here to see for yourself how the laws of physics work. The museum is not just about learning about how electricity is produced, it’s about seeing electricity in the air itself, or how electricity travels through your body right down to the ends of your hair. You can even sit in an interactive replica of the Lituanica and try out a number of inventions. 

Money Museum
Totorių g. 2/8, Vilnius

Discover a real museum-lobby! Learn about the history of money, the currencies of different countries, see the most unusual money or the world’s largest coin pyramid of 1 million 935 cents mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records. The interactive and highly immersive museum has something to keep even the youngest visitors entertained – you can play games, earn a souvenir plaque or even weigh yourself on a special scale to find out how much it would cost if you were gold, platinum or silver.

Toy Museum
Šiltadaržio g. 2, Vilnius

It’s fun to play at any age, so go on a gaming journey! Even if you have shelves bursting with toys at home, you’ll find amazing exhibits at the Toy Museum. Did people play in the Stone Age? What games were popular in the Middle Ages? Here you can learn how to make your own toys and play with a wide range of toys. Older visitors will be transported back to their childhood, while the little ones will try out unusual games.  

VILNIL - Museum of Illusions 
Vokiečių g. 8, Vilnius

Are your eyes deceiving you? When you enter the Museum of Illusions, you’ll question whether what you see is real. Be prepared for anything: illusions, scientific inventions and art can turn the world upside down, literally, in a space full of secrets. Craziest photos will be added to your family album and wide smiles are guaranteed. 

Bastion of Vilnius Defensive Wall
Bokšto g. 20, Vilnius

Come and see if the legendary Vilnius Basilisk still lives here. Try to imagine where a projectile would land if you were firing a cannon in the bastion. For all fans of guns, armour and knights, here you will not only hear about the history of the defence and armaments of Vilnius and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but you will also see a wide variety of weapons from the 15th to 19th centuries.

Ogmios miestas
Verkių g. 29, Vilnius

Active leisure for the whole family is guaranteed. With a trampoline park, badminton centre and padel arena, there’s plenty to keep you moving whatever the weather. Whether you already have a favourite hobby or want to try something new, there’s always something to do here. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants nearby, offering a wide range of cuisines from around the world. 

Vilnius Tourism Information Centre 
Pilies g. 7, Vilnius

When travelling with children, don’t forget to visit the Vilnius Tourism and Information Centre. While you’re choosing the most interesting things to do, your children can try out the interactive wall with magnetic details and get to know the legends of Vilnius better. 

Visitor center of Pavilniai and Verkiai regional parks
Žaliųjų Ežerų g. 53, Vilnius

As well as strolling through Verkiai Park, you can also learn more about the history of the area. Find out why the Green Lakes are green. See the permanent exhibitions that tell not only about the buildings of the estate, but also about the protected animals. And when you’ve learned everything, play a fun game. 

A. Mickevičius Children’s Library
Trakų g. 10, Vilnius

If you go into the library courtyard, you will see a payphone and hear the most unusual sounds or even conversations from the past. Inside the library, you’ll not only find beloved or the latest children’s books, but also lots of fun activities, a book maze, interactive games on tablets, and a variety of events. Discover the joy of reading together! 

Bernardine Garden
Barboros Radvilaitės g. 8A, Vilnius

Spend time in the fresh air! As soon as you enter Bernardinai Garden, you will be greeted by a flock of ducks, you can practice your chess skills by playing giant chess, spinning on the merry-go-round, listen to the singing and dancing fountain or visit Vilnius’ oldest oak tree. For the most active and energetic visitors, there are even two spectacular playgrounds, where you will never get tired of swinging and bouncing. Grab a bite to eat and relax in the Bernardine Courtyard. 

Climbing wall on the Neris embankment
Olimpiečių Street between Žirmūnų and Mindaugas Bridges

It’s time to let your energy out! The 60-metre climbing wall will exercise all your muscles. Choose your colour and go. The sports simulators parked nearby will provide fun for the whole family. The Neris River flowing by and the canoeists passing by will be soothing. 

Vilnius by boat
Mindaugas Bridge and

The city looks completely different from the water. Whether on a gondola or on the ship “Ryga”, time flows like the River Neris – fast, but unnoticeable. In just under an hour, you’ll be able to see both, the Old Town and the green nature of Vilnius, and you won’t have to do a thing – just sit, look around and maybe wave to passers-by. 

Excursions by bus ir 

Tired of walking? Get on the bus and let us take you on an adventure. Listen to an audioguide about the most interesting places and stories of Vilnius. Or go on a special excursion for kindergarteners and primary school children with the little Vilnius ghost, who will tell you about the special festivals and traditions of Vilnius. 

Adventica Amusement Park
Shopping and entertainment centre “Ozas”, Ozo g. 18

A 12 basketball court-sized leisure, games, rides, trampolines and amusement park for families. A place where children of all ages and adults alike will find fun activities and the time will fly by. The Experience and Play Space is a place for the curious, the inquisitive and the thirsty for something new. Interactive walls and games, bicycles that generate electricity, a wall of lights and many other educational activities await you.

Café Rotonda
Barboros Radvilaitės g. 6A, Vilnius 

Located at the foot of Gediminas Castle, on the way to Bernardine Garden, the café invites you to have fun with your family. Take a photo on the specially decorated terrace. Cocoa and doughnuts are favourites with the kids, but the restaurant’s menu also includes the familiar home-made dishes. 

Café “Nykštukas”
Verkių g. 27, Vilnius

Even the biggest gluttons will find something for their discerning palate. Fun pizzas, delicious pancakes and melt-in-your-mouth desserts will be gone in no time when children want to run off to play and explore their surroundings or take part in educational programmes. 

„Casa la Familia“
Rūdninkų g. 18, Vilnius

Cozy like home. While pizzas bake in the oven or pasta steams on the fire, children are busy in the fairytale house cooking, skating and climbing, playing and getting lost in time. Italian cuisine and a love of family create the perfect atmosphere.