Vilnius Light Festival 2024

Vilnius Light Festival 2024

Blinded by the Lights at Vilnius Light Festival

On January 25- 28 The Vilnius Light Festival will be lighting up the streets and corners and make the Lithuanian capital shine so bright as one of the most illuminated spots in the universe. Don’t miss this once-in-a-year city’s most beloved annual winter traditions.

Broadcast to Space! 

Capture the best moments and share them with the world! Become one of Vilnius’ ambassadors and invite everyone to discover a city that’s still a mystery to many. Spread the light and let the beauty of Vilnius shine, making everyone want to visit.


Or is it becoming a cosmic city? The Vilnius Light Festival will create a unique wormhole in Vilnius – a futuristic projection called Cosmos Vilnius. The talented young video installation artist Rimas Sakalauskas invites you to immerse yourself in a mockumentary about a plan to move Vilnius to outer space.

You can find the full list of light festival objects and a map of where to see them by downloading the free Vilnius Light Festival APP: 

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Sneak peek to last year

Things to do in Vilnius this Winter

Experiences in Vilnius are always vivid, even if the lights of the Light Festival are not on.

Enjoy comfort with Vilnius Pass

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