Vilnius has always been proud of their exquisite food scene inviting people to go on a culinary adventure. Finally, this hidden gem has been brought to light and is shining brightly. While other Baltic States boasted of their Michelin stars, Lithuania was saving the best bite for the last.

In June 2024, Lithuania finally joined the MICHELIN Guide family with four One Michelin Star restaurants. And all of these restaurants are in Vilnius, making the Lithuanian capital the gourmet destination holding the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the Baltic region! The star restaurants celebrate passion, creativity, and respect for local culinary traditions.

The inaugural MICHELIN Guide Lithuania features a total of 34 recommended restaurants, 25 of which are located in Vilnius. Among them, four have been awarded One Michelin Star, another four have been distinguished with a Michelin Bib Gourmand for their quality and value, and one has received a Michelin Green Star for sustainable gastronomy practices.

Earning a coveted Michelin star is every chef’s dream. The recognition, granted for quality menu, high standards, and very good cooking, requires a lot of time and dedication. These four chefs of the awarded restaurants made their dreams come true. Discover the unique cuisine of Lithuania that respects culinary heritage, with most restaurants embracing a modern style without sacrificing history.

*One Michelin Star restaurants in Lithuania


A cafe by day in Vilnius uptown, Demo transforms into a One Michelin Star restaurant by night. The synthesis of art and gastronomy appears on the table in the form of dishes created based on social issues and cultural behaviour analysis. The menu is constructed in a way to both satisfy the hunger of the guests and to inspire them. Choose a farmer’s table tasting dinner prepared only from the products received on that day. For the full experience, take your time to enjoy the signature tasting menu - a three hour gastronomical journey of ten courses will be surprising.

Tadas Eidukevičius is a chef, creator and food philosopher who spent more than five years developing his knowledge and approach to gastronomy in Michelin restaurants in Spain. This year he was also recognized by the Michelin Young Chef Award for his talent.

What dish surprised the Michelin inspectors? Lamb; a modern version of the Kogel Mogel.

T. Ševčenkos 16A     Phone: +370 665 00 508  
Head chef – Tadas Eidukevičius


Located in a historical building in the heart of Vilnius, the restaurant combines the past and the future in the industrial-style dining rooms. Local seasonal products ensure freshness and distinct flavors, inviting guests to discover creative dishes. You can choose sharing plates from an à la carte menu to get a taste of the cuisine or, like the Michelin inspectors, dive into the full experience with a tasting dinner taking you through a journey of flavours.

The head chef Martynas Praškevičius has never worked in a Michelin star restaurant kitchen before; however, he devoted his talent to creating a restaurant that can proudly be an owner of a Michelin star.

What dish surprised the Michelin inspectors? Plum ice cream with white chocolate mousse.

Vilniaus 28    Phone: +370 631 11 153 
Head Chef
 – Martynas Praškevičius

Nineteen 18

An industrial-style restaurant in a historic building invites you to sit at a kitchen table and chat with the chef and take a peek at the preparation of the dishes, or choose a more private setting. The evening begins with guests being presented with a closed menu of around 10 courses, which changes seasonally and is based on ingredients mostly coming from a local farm or foraged in the nearby forests. The dinner is bound to provoke, surprise, and delight both with tastes and a laid-back atmosphere.

Andrius Kubilius is a famous Lithuanian chef who took the inspiration from his mother and grandmother and did intensive studies of the Baltic cuisine to create an exceptional restaurant worthy of a Michelin Star.

What dish surprised the Michelin inspectors? Danish beef with chicken caramel; dumplings with mushrooms

Dominikonų 11    Phone: +370 608 08 950
Head Chef – Andrius Kubilius

Pas mus

The restaurant’s name can be loosely translated as "At Our Place", which perfectly describes the place. The candle-lit atmosphere and the home-made wooden tables create a feeling of home while the team invites you to an informal contemporary dining experience.The dishes are personal and purposeful as there is no fixed menu - every day brings something different to the table depending on the seasonal products, some of which are collected straight from the chef’s mother’s garden. Expect fermented products and sustainably prepared food with a strong focus on vegetables.

The head chef Vita Bartininkaitė has trained in the three Michelin star restaurant "Geranium," in Copenhagen and is the only female chef in Lithuania to have won a Michelin star.

What dish surprised the Michelin inspectors? Beef tartare; raspberry snow dessert with white chocolate ganache

Pilies  28   Phone: +370 620 11 161
Head Chef – Vita Bartininkaitė

Bib Gourmand restaurants 

The Michelin highlighted restaurants that serve good food at moderate prices. Three out of four Bib Gourmand restaurants are located in Vilnius. 

Le Travi

Cuisine: Indian and Portuguese

The Best Sommelier Awards

Kamilė Bartusevičiūtė / Pacai

Ekspertus sužavėję restoranai, patekę į MICHELIN gidą

Iš 26 restoranų, pelniusių „Selected by Michelin“ titulą ir patekusių į MICHELIN gidą, net 19 restoranų yra įsikūrę Vilniuje. Šis pripažinimas reiškia, kad virtuvės šefai, pasitelkdami kokybiškus ingredientus, kuria išskirtinius patiekalus. Atrinktų restoranų meniu suteikia galimybę mėgautis kūrybiškais įvairių virtuvių patiekalais - čia rasite nuo etninės ar tradicinės iki modernios virtuvės šedevrų.

Amandus      Augustin      Da Antonio      Dine      Elven      Ertlio Namas      Fabrikėlis      Farmer and the Ocean      Gastronomika      Heji      Justa Pasta      Momo grill      Pacai      Protėviai      Somm    Stebuklai Stikliai      Telegrafas