Sit Down at a Giant Outdoor Café in Vilnius

This summer every dinner is a dinner with a view in Vilnius, no matter which table you choose! The city has once again become a giant open café, so you can sightsee and have dinner at the same time.
The tradition to go on an outdoor culinary adventure in Vilnius continues from last year, when the city led by example, opening up its public spaces for restaurants and café. The initiative has gained an overwhelmingly positive reaction spreading across other large cities worldwide.

Streets free of cars

Enjoy your food outdoors without having to breathe car pollution! Vilnius is closing down the most popular streets in the Old Town for you to enjoy your dishes and drinks with the best possible view. Enjoy a cocktail or a glass of beer on Gediminas avenue looking at the Cathedral. Sit down for a cosy dinner in a narrow cobbled Savičiaus street. Start your evening at Vilnius street. Party till dawn at Islandijos street.

Lithuanian cuisine with a twist

If you’ve seen people eating cold pink soup on a hot summer day, don’t worry, traditional Lithuanian food isn’t only strange dishes. Chefs in Vilnius have been reimagining traditions giving them a modern twist. Local products and seasonal cuisine are a big hit, so be prepared to discover some new flavors and curious combinations. Eat like a 17th-century nobleman, enjoy traditional Lithuanian grandmother’s recipes, get on a tasting dinner adventure, or simply eat like the locals eat.  

Street food deliciousness

Eating out doesn’t have to be a formal and expensive experience! Vilnius gives you a taste of any cuisine in the world and you can choose a multitude of different dishes while in one place. Check out an urban jungle of Paupys market for dinner or brunch. Try the Downtown Food Hall and bring in your platter to watch a movie of the evening. Visit Halė market, try fresh products directly from the farmers, and dance your heart out at night. Enjoy your evening trying biodynamic wines and organic dishes at Senatorių Pasažas. Or grab your lunch right outside the Europa shopping mall on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, if you’re tired from all the shopping.

Swept from the sea

Vilnius isn’t on a sea coast, but seafood and freshwater fish dishes are perfect for summer weather. From Belgian mussels to fancy lobsters, from grilled fish steaks to the freshest sushi, the sea will be just a step away. You can even find beach vibes in Vilnius restaurants with your feet touching white sand while you eat.

A haven for vegans and vegetarians

Don’t fret about eating out in Vilnius, if meat is not on your list. Vilnius has plenty of plant-based and vegetarian options to offer. From burgers to ice cream on a hot summer day, it’s impossible to get hungry in Vilnius! Fine dining restaurants, popular diners, trendy cafés, and pastry shops will surprise you with their exquisite menus.

Always ready for a party

Vilnius doesn’t sleep! Nightlife is active, don’t be surprised if the streets are busier than in daylight. Cocktails as if right from the alchemist’s workshop, a multitude of draft beer options straight from the local microbreweries, and good music setting the atmosphere will keep you awake till dawn.