Vilnius to Host Euroheat & Power Congress

With events around the world adapting to contemporary challenges, Vilnius is hosting the 40th Euroheat & Power Congress as a hybrid event, which will take place online from March to July taking advantage of AI matchmaking.

The congress will take place not only online but as well onsite in Vilnius from 3-5 May 2021. Focused on topics related to District Energy, the congress will bring 350+ experts from around the world together to discuss, share and learn about the latest developments in the European and Global District Energy Sector.

In addition to hosting a series of online webinars, ask the expert sessions, meet-ups and more, the congress will also bring participants on virtual tours of District Heating plants and projects around Vilnius. The Congress is open to any interested individual, party or organisation, expert or interested professional from the District Heating & Cooling disciplines, as well as national and international policymakers and members of the press. 

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