March 13, 2024

Vilnius Ranks Third Among Europe’s Most Promising Cities

For the third consecutive year, Vilnius has once again captured the spotlight in the prestigious European Cities & Regions of the Future 2024, organized by fDi Intelligence, the investment expert division of the Financial Times. This year, the Lithuanian capital ranked third in the Mid-Sized European Cities of the Future category, trailing behind Wroclaw and Zurich. 

The annual evaluation conducted by the fDi Intelligence team encompasses a comprehensive assessment of European cities and regions, evaluating factors such as economic strength, financial viability, and business-friendly policies. Vilnius’ consistent presence among the top contenders speaks volumes about its favourable investment climate and strategic approach to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. 

In individual categories, Vilnius distinguished itself by clinching two accolades. The city seized the second spot in Human Capital and Lifestyle, a testament to its vibrant quality of life and dynamic workforce. Moreover, Vilnius secured third place in Economic Potential, highlighting its position as a prime destination for forward-looking investors seeking promising opportunities. 

A pivotal driver behind Vilnius’s upward trajectory is its burgeoning startup ecosystem, which continues to attract talent and investment at an unprecedented pace. With approximately 890 startups, including key players in fintech, ICT, and game development, Vilnius is the epicentre of Lithuania’s innovation landscape. The city’s remarkable success in fundraising, with a staggering €281 million secured in 2023 alone, underscores its emergence as a formidable player in the global tech arena. 

The culmination of Vilnius’s achievements will be celebrated at the upcoming fDi Intelligence Awards Ceremony, set to take place in March at MIPIM, the world’s largest real estate exhibition, in Cannes, France.

As Vilnius continues to shine bright on the global stage, its trajectory as a dynamic and forward-thinking city shows no signs of slowing down, cementing its status as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in Europe.