January 22, 2024

Vilnius Light Festival 2024: Illuminating the Capital with Artistry

The annual Vilnius Light Festival, now in its sixth edition, has returned to the Lithuanian capital, bringing with it innovative solutions in light artistry. This year's event is poised to deliver an even more captivating experience, drawing an impressive annual attendance of over 200,000 city guests who flock exclusively to partake in its luminous wonders.  

From January 25th to 28th, the festival will catapult the city into a realm of wonder, effectively transforming it into a celestial playground. The festival will showcase a breathtaking collection of 20 illuminating art pieces skillfully crafted by talented artists hailing from Lithuania, France, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. 

The program comprises two parts: the main program with curator-selected installations and additional objects with voluntary initiatives by culture, arts, science, education, and business organizations. The festival's app with routes and installation information is available on Google Play and App Store. 

Since 2019, the event has illuminated the city's architecture, streets, alleys, and courtyards with innovative light art installations. Over the last five years, it has showcased 91 light art projects from 18 countries in Vilnius, marking a spectacular celebration of creativity and culture.