Vilnius Airport Implements Necessary Safety Measures 

Vilnius airport has implemented necessary health safety measures that are recommended by national health officials and international aviation organizations. It will be related to passengers maintaining social distancing, managing passenger flows and reducing the probability of human contact. Passengers are reminded that adhering to these measures is also a matter of their own responsibility.

Passengers travelling through Vilnius Airport will have to adhere to the following rules:

  • Only passengers with a valid ticket are allowed into the terminal building;
  • Only passengers wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) are allowed into the terminal building. Passengers must wear PPE at all times while in the terminal building;
  • Passengers are allowed into the terminal building only after an initial health screening. Body temperature control and an assessment of symptoms are assured;
  • All passengers must pass the border control (until full border control is applicable).

The following health and safety measures are in place at Vilnius Airport:

  • Hand disinfectants are available for passengers throughout the terminal building. Passengers are strongly advised to wash and disinfect their hands regularly;
  • Terminal premises, including common touch points, are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis;
  • Preventive notifications are announced over the audio system and video messages are shown on screens at the terminal;
  • A limited number of registration tables are in use at the same time and tables for different flights are placed at a maximum distance from each other;
  • Queue barriers are placed in front of tables, supplemented with disinfectant and floor markings to help people maintain 1-2 metres of physical distance. Information on physical distancing is also provided;
  • Glass shields are installed at registration, security check, and boarding tables;
  • All staff wear mandatory PPE;
  • Travellers can purchase PPE in the terminal building;
  • Seating in waiting areas is limited and spaced out to allow for physical distancing;
  • Designated bins are placed at the arrivals terminal for used PPE;
  • Passenger location forms (ICAO PLC) are collected upon arrival;
  • COVID-19 tests will be available upon arrival;