June 26, 2023

The Largest Tech Campus in Europe to Open in Vilnius

Tech Zity announces a new €100 million infrastructure-first project set to establish Europe’s largest campus dedicated to the digital landscape in Vilnius. Upon completion in late 2024, the reconstructed area will feature world-class conference facilities for 1,000 delegates, accommodate up to 5,000 professionals in the digital realm, and various restaurants and bars on the sprawling campus. 

The state-of-the-art campus will boast three indoor conference halls. The main hall will offer 425 seats in theatre style, flanked by two side halls with capacities of 135 and 100 seats, respectively. Notably, all three conference halls will be equipped with sliding acoustic walls, providing the flexibility to merge them and create a large conference space for a combined total of 660 participants. Furthermore, an architecturally striking glass-roofed pavilion will be available, hosting up to 340 delegates for all-hands meetings. 

Beyond its 5,000 desks dispersed across private spaces and versatile conference areas, Tech Zity plans to offer an array of meeting rooms, restaurants, cafes, and bars accessible to everyone. The campus will operate 24/7, with an emphasis on evolving into a night-time hub, cultural, and event venue. 

Proud of building history, Tech Zity is committed to preserving the aesthetic of the sewing factory. Visitors can expect a vast, high-ceilinged environment reminiscent of the original expansive factory settings, with ceiling heights of a minimum of 7 meters throughout. In a nod to iconic renovation projects like London’s Tate Modern and Battersea Power Station, Tech Zity will seamlessly integrate modern architectural design elements while honouring its industrial legacy. 

Tech Zity currently manages 4 tech campuses across the city and region – including Tech Park, Tech Loft, Tech Art and Tech Spa, which house companies such as Google, BoredPanda, and Kilo Health.