March 22, 2024

Milestones in the Sky

Lithuania's aviation network is poised for a remarkable upgrade! Vilnius, the nation's capital, is gearing up to welcome new international carriers, enhancing its connectivity and unlocking fresh opportunities for all. 

Starting on April 19th, Aegean Airlines will launch bi-weekly flights linking the capitals of Athens and Vilnius. Following that, beginning May 25th, PLAY Airlines will initiate a weekly service connecting Reykjavik with Vilnius, facilitating seamless travel to destinations along the East Coast of the United States and Canada. Furthermore, from October 12th, flydubai will begin operating flights three times a week from Dubai to Vilnius.  

Alongside the introduction of new airlines to Lithuanian airspace, there will also be a marked enhancement in the operational efficiency of routes currently serviced by airBaltic, as well as the addition of new destination. A new twice-weekly service from Oslo Torp (Norway) will commence on September 29th. Furthermore, starting from the first week of May, flights to Krakow, Lisbon and Hamburg will be scheduled twice weekly. The frequency of flights to other destinations, including Amsterdam, Munich, Paris, Berlin, and Tallinn, will also be enhanced. 

These developments represent a notable milestone in Lithuania's aviation sector, heralding improved connectivity and convenience for those travelling to Vilnius. In line with the strategic vision of Lithuanian airports, this move reflects a dedication to enhancing competitiveness, boosting operational efficiency, and planning for infrastructure upgrades at Vilnius and beyond. The overarching goal is to increase the capacity to seamlessly handle up to 17 million passengers a year in the coming times.