Meeting & Event Restrictions Eased as of 1 June

In Lithuania, the existing lockdown is extended until 1 of July, 2021 but the restrictions are eased for events, trade, cultural, sports and catering establishments.

Meetings & Events with maximum 250 participants indoors and outdoor events with unlimited number of participants, organised and held provided organisers of an event can ensure online ticketing and/or registration of participants and control the access of participants to the venue of the event, participants wearing face masks during the entire event, except cases referred to in paragraph of the Resolution

Indoor events will only be allowed to take place at maximum 50% seating capacity. It will not be allowed to sell food and beverages and provide other services during these events. This exemption will not apply in the case of vaccinated or recovered persons.

Indoor events solely for those who have the National Certificate can be attended by up to 2 000 participants  and the events are held at up to 75% seating capacity,  participants wearing face masks during the entire event.

Catering facilities (restaurants, cafés, bars) may reopen and operate from 7.00 to 24.00. Food and drinks will be consumed while seated at a table outside with up to 5 people at the table except members of one family and/or one household. Public catering will be provided to customers by accommodation service providers in the premises of accommodation service providers.

Catering facilities can stay open indoors from 7.00 to 24.00 serving solely those with the National Certificate.

Face masks are not required in open spaces, where there are no other people except family members within the radius of 2 metres. Face masks are mandatory in common areas of accommodation facilities, indoors.

Passengers on public transport are allowed to travel both sitting and standing with no more restrictions on the number of people in transport vehicles.

Restrictions and mandatory requirements for arrivals from abroad.

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