Lithuanian Safe & Clean Label Launched

The Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association has introduced the SAFE & CLEAN label to bring confidence to hospitality sector. Businesses marked with this label declare that they adhere to the principles and criteria of safe business self-control, which cover the areas of employee health, guest safety, food handling, and room cleaning and disinfection.

This new label is valid for 3 years, is free and optional, and requires the implementation of an internal protocol in companies that, according to the recommendations of the country health authorities, ensures necessary hygiene levels to avoid risks of contagion and guarantees safe procedures for the operation of tourist activities.

Covid-19 has dictated new challenges for businesses, so the SAFE & CLEAN label will send a clear message to visitors that the restaurant or hotel in question is safe, clean, and carefully complies with the detailed safety requirements.

The list of Vilnius SAFE & CLEAN hotels and restaurants is updated regularly and all hotels can also be found in venue finder

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