February 1, 2024

Lithuanian Laser Developers Win Industry's "Oscar"  

The Vilnius tech community, with lasers being one of its top priority industries, has cause for celebration! Recently, on January 31, EKSPLA, a Vilnius-based Lithuanian company, was awarded the prestigious SPIE Prism Award for the best laser, the FemtoLux 30. The laser stands out as the most flexible ultrafast laser for industrial and scientific purposes.  

The Prism Awards are presented annually to laser, photonics, or optics companies for their most innovative products of the year. Companies from around the world compete in the contest. The 2024 awards marked the 16th edition of the event. 

This competition in the photonics and laser sector is considered equivalent to the Oscars of the film industry. The awards are the culmination of the annual global Photonics West (USA) conference and exhibition organized by the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE). 

The company’s laser technology was nominated as a finalist for these prestigious awards three times. In 2010, EKSPLA garnered top honours in the scientific lasers category with their NT200 laser system. These accolades are pivotal in propelling the economic growth, technological progress, and global competitiveness of Vilnius and Lithuania’s technology sector.