E-Meeting Point - Vilnius Expands to Support Hard-Hit Film Industry

The next edition of Meeting Point – Vilnius, the leading Lithuanian film industry event, will be entirely digital and will run from 14-16 April. The upcoming e-Meeting Point – Vilnius will offer a combination of digital initiatives: pitching forum, industry screenings, one-to-one meetings, panels and side inspirational events. It is expected that the event will attract 350 industry professionals.

Meeting Point–Vilnius is a work-in-progress audiovisual industry event that discovers, develops, and supports emerging European talents and upcoming debut films, and to build a network between different European macro-regions, from the Baltics to the Caucasus to Western Europe.

Meeting Point—Vilnius’ Head of Industry Alessandra Pastore says, “In this challenging 2021 edition, our main effort will be to turn difficulties in opportunities. Due to the challenges of the past year, we have decided to support a larger number of projects, and to invite a wider audience of decision makers to attend and discover new voices. This will be a win-win situation: exposure for producers and projects, but also opportunities for decision makers to discover more films with more screenings.

This year, we will also have a higher number of Coming Soon debuts, increased Baltic industry screenings, and the newly-created Lithuanian Room, a window to all Lithuanian films that need support as they pursue film festival debuts. This year’s program is an exciting test. Once our lives return to normal, we will use what we have learned to innovate our film industry.”