Vilnius is Scouting Locations for a Possible Eurovision Victory Party: Check Out the 5 Locations Tested by The Roop

With Lithuania’s The Roop set to take the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest finals on Saturday, Vilnius is getting ready for a unique city-wide Eurovision victory party called Open Discoteque in case the group wins first place. This idea was proposed by the city mayor Remigijus Šimašius to show support for The Roop in their quest to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The Roop is currently preparing for their final performance in Rotterdam, but just before leaving Vilnius the band practiced its famous moves at iconic places across the city. Together with Go Vilnius, the city’s tourism development agency, The Roop scouted the best dancing spots, including a historic marketplace, atop one of the main symbols of Vilnius, the 180-metre-high TV Tower observation terrace and...even higher, up in the sky in a hot-air balloon!

Here's a list of The Roop's favourite dance floors for Open Discoteque.

  1. Gediminas Tower. What about a discotheque atop a castle tower? The Vilnius landmark is a perfect space for the iconic event. Built centuries ago, the castle tower symbolises the city’s legendary beginning. Exquisite panoramas of the Old Town, the perfect spot to watch golden sunsets, and a romantic atmosphere make it a top tourist attraction. By the way, Grand Duke Gediminas, the founder of Vilnius, might be one of The Roop’s biggest fans – the statue of him standing in the square at the foot of Gediminas Hill is currently wearing a yellow cape as a show of support.
  2. Town Hall Square. Last summer it was the centre of the Open-Air Restaurant that sprawled across the entire city, and this summer it might become the largest dance floor for Open Discoteque. Vilnius is always up to try something new! So even during the first wave of Covid-19, the city found a way to allow people to enjoy themselves safely. Open Discoteque would follow this example and let people dance their hearts out safely.
  3. Halės Market. The city‘s oldest market is now a trendy place for weekend brunches, open-air cinemas, and dancing until dawn. It’s got all the key ingredients for Open Discoteque – when partygoers need some energy, delicious street food is always ready to be served. 
  4. TV Tower. Seen from almost everywhere in Vilnius, the TV Tower is 326 metres tall and is taller than the Eiffel Tower! It used to be the tallest Christmas tree in Europe and its observation desk could now become the highest dance floor at 180 metres above the ground. Who would take on the challenge of showing their dance moves this high up with the wind is blowing in their hair? The Roop already did.
  5. Hot-Air Balloon. This particular dance floor option is only available in Vilnius! The city is the only European capital that allows hot-air balloons to freely fly above the Old Town. It might not be the first dance space that comes to mind, but hot-air balloons offer more than a nice tour above Vilnius. It's possible to have dinner in the sky or even listen to a piano concert while soaring above the city. Now, dancing can also be an option, too!

Vilnius is always looking for new ways to have fun. Believing The Roop’s chances to win it all at the Eurovision Song Contest, Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius, promised a huge party in the city to celebrate their victory.

‟I have no doubts that The Roop has every chance to win the Eurovision this year. So, the promise of a discotheque under the open skies shows how much we are rooting for the band. Besides, everyone deserves some fun for patiently waiting out two lockdowns while maintaining their creativity and inspiration. Should The Roop bring home the victor’s title, we will turn Vilnius into an open-air dance floor so that residents may, to quote the song, discoteque right at their home,” Remigijus Šimašius said from his Facebook account.

‟Vilnius is my home and its streets are my dance floor. Feeling overjoyed by the idea of our song bringing everyone together in one way or another, I cannot wait for Vilnius to embody the atmosphere of ‘Discoteque’ and let its true magic shine bright and loud,” said Vaidotas Valiukevičius, leader of The Roop, in response to the mayor’s idea.

The city is holding its breath for the results of the Eurovision song contest finals on Saturday, May 22nd in hope of the Open Discoteque happening for real.