June 7, 2022

Vilnius Donates Glass to Glaze Shattered Windows in Borodyanka, Kyiv

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, started another project to help the Ukrainians in need—the citizens and the country’s businesses donated more than 6 tons of glazing and glass sheets, sustainably sourced from construction and renovation projects, to reglaze more than 300 windows in Borodyanka, Kyiv’s suburb. The initiative aims to restore windows shattered by the Russian bombs and help Ukrainians start to rebuild hundreds of buildings demolished over the course of the war.

June 7, 2022. The residents and companies in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, have donated glass for the windows of Borodyanka suburb in Kyiv. The donated glass sheets will be used for reglazing the suburb’s windows shattered by the explosions of Russian bombs as Kyiv and its suburbs have undergone severe destruction—it is estimated that 200 apartment buildings and 36 schools have been demolished to date. The aid was organized after Georgiy Yerko, Mayor of Borodyanka, asked for Lithuanians’ help.

The initiative encouraged both residents of the capital and the country’s businesses in real estate development, construction, and other similar fields to donate glass, which is still in good condition and has been sustainably sourced from construction or renovation projects. United, they donated 300 sq. m. of glazing and 100 sq. m. of glass sheets within three weeks. This will be enough to glaze more than 300 windows of Borodyanka’s residential houses. The first shipment of 6 tons of glass has already been dispatched to Ukraine and more will follow soon.

“I’m sure the residents of Vilnius and everyone who donated the glass will be glad to know that their help will contribute to restoring the minimum living conditions for Ukrainians whose home windows were shattered by the Russian bombs,” said Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius. “The next step will be large-scale aid to help Ukrainians rebuild their cities, and we will all need to pitch in by sharing our experience of how to transform cities from Soviet to Western.”

Vilnius shared the initiative with other Baltic and Scandinavian capitals in hopes they will join with their own contributions. Unofficially called “Window to Europe,” the initiative aims to help to start restoring the demolished infrastructure of Ukrainian cities and ensuring safe accommodation for the returning Ukrainian refugees who had to flee their home towns due to the war.

The Lithuanian capital, like the rest of the country, has been highly active in supporting Ukraine ever since the first day of war on February 24th. Citizens, companies, and organizations have contributed financially, with volunteer work, and humanitarian aid. The city has changed the street where the Russian Embassy is based to the Ukrainian Heroes Street, raised millions of euros for humanitarian aid, and houses thousands of Ukrainian refugees.
Vilnius urges the residents and other European cities to continue donating glazing and glass sheets and help Ukraine start welcoming its citizens back.