US-based CAST AI opens development office in Lithuania

CAST AI, a Florida-based developer of cloud computing solutions, has announced the establishment of a development office in Lithuania. The company, which has already raised $4.8M at begining of 2020, plans to expand its Vilnius-based team to 100 people in the next three years.

Established in the end of 2019, the company seeks to solve a common issue in cloud computing – running multiple clouds with several providers. The latest report by Gartner shows that 81% of cloud users rely on multiple providers, but there is no solution for seamless and simultaneous synchronization. CAST AI will allow organizations to deploy and automatically optimize applications across any combination of cloud providers, like Azure and AWS.

“With our AIOps engine, we will offer users the ability to have each workload of their application run on a different cloud, without the need to change a single line of code. By doing so, we will be able to automatically optimize this part of the equation for cost, performance, security and other factors,” states Laurent Gil, the company’s Chief Product Officer.

To advance their AI engine, the company’s co-founders made the strategic decision to establish a development centre in Lithuania. “Lithuania will be our only hub outside of US, and 95% of development will be performed there. As we have seen in our previous experience, local developers and engineers have what it takes to roll-out truly competitive global solutions,” says Yuri Frayman, the company’s CEO.

The people behind the company are known for their involvement in successful software ventures. CEO Yuri Frayman and CPO Laurent Gill were an integral part of Viewdle – a mobile-focused visual analysis company that became part of Google in 2012. Vilius Žukauskas will be leading the Lithuanian operations. A connection to Lithuania is also shared by one of the company’s first investors – Fred Sorkin, co-founder of one of Canada’s largest software firms Hummingbird, who had emigrated from Lithuania in the 1970s.

„I am sure that, with its cast of serial entrepreneurs, competences in cloud computing that will continue to be very important in technology industry, CAST AI is bound to become another successful US-Lithuanian venture to drive the IT sector in Lithuania further“, says Mantas Katinas, Managing Director of Invest Lithuania, the country’s Investment Promotion Agency.

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