Vilnius has reinvented itself once again this summer, this time transforming into a giant open-air art gallery! 100 artists, 100 works of art and 100 zones in the heart of the capital were on exhibit as part of the three-week Art Needs No Roof festival!

In the beginning of summer 2022 for the third time, the Municipality of Vilnius announced plans to turn the central part of the city into a large open-air art gallery. It subsequently received a record number of applications from artists – more than 320 artists applied for a spot on one of the 100 outdoor billboards and in the project’s virtual gallery.

Moreover, having as many as 100 outdoor billboards in the center of Vilnius exhibiting everything from painting and photography, to sculpture and video art undoubtedly brought a new aesthetic to the city.

The physical exhibition ended in July 2022, but you can still visit the virtual exhibition here.

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