Vilnius Business Park - Vilnius at MIPIM

Vilnius Business Park- 65 000 m2 - Multifunctional stock-offices - Sedulų str. 2, Gariūnų str. 57

Following the successful completion of the first 24,000 sqm Vilnius Business Park complex in 2022, Darnu Group is continuing the development of multifunctional retail warehouses in Ukmergės and Gariūnai Streets. A whole business campus is being formed next to the first Vilnius Business Park, where a second 17,000 sqm commercial warehouse complex is about to be launched, and a third (16,000 sqm) complex is being designed nearby. In total, Darnu Group is planning more than 41,000 sqm of retail warehouses in Vilnius over the next few years. 

Darnu Group is the first and the largest developer of retail warehouses in Vilnius, and plans to develop three such complexes in the next few years, which will bring the total area of the company's warehouses to 65,000 sqm. 

Vilnius Business Park commercial warehouses are the only alternative on the market that is offered not only for lease but also for sale.

Vilnius Business Park complexes are characterised by a strategically attractive location with high visibility and easy access to the surrounding cities and regions, allowing for convenient logistics operations.

The commercial warehouse complexes of Vilnius Business Park consist of separate blocks of premises, which allow companies to combine three business functions: production, warehousing and administrative space, thus allowing them to streamline their processes and optimise costs.

The commercial warehouses of Vilniaus verslo parkas are divided into separate blocks of space for each of the companies, which have individual accounting, allowing them to optimise and plan their costs even better.