Sakai Residential Area - Vilnius at MIPIM

Sakai Residential Area - 83 000 m2 - Residential development with commercial space - Kazimiero Jelskio str. 5, 7

The development will take into account the unique natural environment, in which the urban structure will be planned in a sustainable way. The uniqueness of the location allows the creation of a special concept of the neighbourhood — an oasis in the city with a spirit of a resort. The area by the river is to be developed into 2 complexes of 10 buildings with a total of 306 apartments. 3 to 4 story houses with spacious terraces and underground car parks are planned. In addition to housing, it will include a sports field, a play area open to the city, and quiet recreational and ecological spaces. In the area adjacent to the River, a central square for the whole neighbourhood is planned, with a bike path connecting to the city’s system of bicycle infrastructure.

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