Is Lithuania a Safe Country to Invest, Travel, Study, and Live?

•    Lithuania boasts a high state of peace, as evidenced by its ranking in the Global Peace Index by The Institute for Economics & Peace 2023 (73.58 points; LT neighbours: Latvia – 68.87; Estonia – 70.28; Poland – 61.32).  

•    Political Stability: Lithuania’s political stability is evaluated as high according to World Bank Governance Indicators (2022), scoring 79.6 out of 100. This reflects strong institutional capacity, effective rule of law, and a low level of corruption.

•    NATO Membership: Lithuania's membership in NATO since 2004 provides a significant deterrent against potential aggression from Russia. NATO's collective defence commitment ensures Lithuania's security.

•    Membership in International Organizations: Lithuania is a member of NATO, the EU, OECD, WTO, and Schengen agreement. This demonstrates Lithuania's commitment to regional stability and cooperation.

•    Stable Security Situation: 
a.    Our security situation remains stable and unchanged. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of NATO membership this year, our allies demonstrate a strong commitment to collective defense and the security of the Baltics. 
b.    Germany's commitment to stationing a heavy brigade in Lithuania, along with tank and artillery battalions and 5,000 soldiers and civilians, highlights this commitment. With no direct military threat observed and our continuous efforts to strengthen defense, cybersecurity, and Miltech capabilities. This is reflected in the steady growth of Lithuania’s defense sector, with a 14% increase in employees and a 46% increase in revenue within the last 5 years.
c.    Lithuania remains a secure location for long-term success.

•    Resilience in FDI:
a.    Lithuania remains an attractive destination for foreign investors.
b.    Last year saw record investment in our manufacturing sector, with over €200 million approved for investment in fixed assets. These results underscore the confidence international companies have in Lithuania as a destination for enduring success.
c.    In 2023, Lithuania secured 53 FDI projects, set to create a planned total of 4,125 jobs over the next three years. Notably, 25 new companies announced operations here, while 28 existing companies confirmed expansion projects. This reflects the confidence international companies have in Lithuania's potential for enduring success.

•    Appeal to Global Talent: 
Lithuania is increasingly chosen by global talent as a destination for career development. Over 20,000 (the number which has doubled since 2020) highly skilled professionals from around the world already found career paths in Lithuania, further enriching our highly-qualified talent pool.

•    Steadfast Support for Ukraine: 
Lithuania continues to stand in solidarity with Ukraine in its fight for freedom against the Russian invasion. We provide unwavering assistance alongside our allies and partners, advocating for Ukraine’s interests on the global stage.

•    Cybersecurity Measures
Lithuania is well-prepared to prevent cyber threats, ranking 4th in Europe in ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Index. Our proactive approach includes the establishment of the National Cyber Security Centre and participation in international efforts to combat cybercrime. We actively collaborate with other nations and cybersecurity agencies to share information and best practices. This ensures the safety of our digital infrastructure and reinforces Lithuania's resilience against evolving cyber threats.

•    Energy Independence
Today, Lithuania no longer depends on Russian energy resources. Since April 2022, we ceased gas imports from Russia and ensured a sufficient supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) through our terminal in Klaipėda and the Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL) pipeline. Our energy independence extends to oil, with imports diversified from the Middle East, Africa, and other regions. These measures strengthen our energy security and support our country's green transformation.

•    Disinformation Resilience
Lithuania remains vigilant against disinformation campaigns, ensuring a timely response to hostile narratives. Despite claims that foreign policy decisions may affect our economy or energy sector, our energy independence from Russia and steady FDI growth demonstrate Lithuania's resilience. We continue to coordinate strategic communication efforts to counter disinformation and maintain trust in our democratic values.