Tymo market

T-shirt with pink soup festival merchandise
Fabian Sanchez
Place: Tymo market
Price: €15-20

Become a fashion icon at the Vilnius Pink Soup Fest. No, you didn't spill pink soup on your T-shirt. A whole plate of pink soup on your T-shirt! A stylish short-sleeved cotton T-shirt on a hot summer's day is a real refresher.

Stickers with pink soup
Place: Tymo market
Price: €1,5

Pink soup running through your veins? Announce it to the whole world. Stick this slogan on your computer, phone or pink soup plate. Maybe it will be a great topic of conversation for a first date or an opportunity to tell a foreign friend about this special soup.

Pink soup bowls
Reda ceramics
Place: Tymo market
Price: €20-29

What could be better than eating pink soup from a special bowl that holds both pink soup and hot potatoes? The handmade bowl will be a real hit in your kitchen and a memorable souvenir of Vilnius Pink Soup Fest.

Bowls decorated with pink soup
Moon Ceramics
Place: Tymo market
Price: €20

Dreaming about pink soup? White clay bowls decorated with pink soup will decorate your kitchen even when the pink soup season is over. Every egg and every dill on this plate is handmade. Bring Lithuanian summer to your plate.

Special logos on textiles
Place: Tymo market
Price: free

Take part in an exclusive activity and see with your own eyes how your favourite clothes are decorated with a special festival logo. A work of art is born in front of your eyes that you can wear whenever you want. You might even be able to contribute to the production of the work yourself!

Gingerbread and gingerbread decoration workshops
Meduolių namai
Place: Tymo market
Price: free workshop

It looks like pink soup, but when you take a bite, it turns out to be gingerbread! What will be your favourite gingerbread: pink, decorated with dill or eggs, beetroot or onion? Choose how you will decorate your pink soup plate, i.e. gingerbread.

Decorated gingerbread and pink desserts
Vilniaus meduoliai
Place: Tymo market

When you've had your fill of pink soup, you also want dessert. And what kind of desserts can there be during the Pink Soup Fest? Pink, pink soup-like roosters and gingerbread, pink soup-coloured sorbet with beetroot and quince, and pink cotton candy - there are plenty of choices, and no, you're not looking at them through rose-tinted glasses, your life is just pink!

Getting to know the Lithuanian language through pink soup
Language school “Šiaurės kryptimi”
Place: Tymo market

What is one of the longest words in the Lithuanian language? “Neprisišaltibarščiaujantis”! Lithuanian can be as much of a mystery to foreigners as pink soup. Introduce them! Double-sided learning cards and other learning tools - such souvenirs or gifts for friends from abroad will not only be delightful in their pink colour, but also a fun opportunity to introduce the beauty of the Lithuanian language.

Mother Trucker
Time: 1 June

Enjoy special burgers and sandwiches made with only the highest quality ingredients. A small family business born out of an endless love for quality street food will not only offer a unique street food experience, but also a bowl of pink soup.

Rhino the Chubby Unicorn
Time: 1 June 

Feel like you're flying through the air at Vilnius Pink Soup Fest and taste a variety of fried wings! The wide range of flavours will surprise even those who have seen it all. A bowl of pink soup will refresh your taste buds.  

“Kėdainių konservai”
Time: 1 June 

Beetroot - not only an integral part of pink soup, but also of “Kėdainių konservai”. Not only will you find your favourite beetroots and pink soup, but also fun games and gifts! Stop by and send your truest Beetroot wishes to your friends.

Flying Tomato Pizza
Time: 1 June 

You won't find pink soup in Naples, but you will find real Neapolitan pizzas at Vilnius Pink Soup Fest! Taste the perfect pizza recipe. Of course, how can you have a pink soup festival without the pink soup? A bowl of uniquely served pink soup awaits you too.

Time: 1 June 

What's a pink soup without potatoes? Here, potatoes are a separate dish. Stuffed with vegetables, meat, bacon or even herring, they will be worth the sin! Cheese lovers should listen, as the famous “Raclette” cheese can be tasted here.

Time: 1 June 

Hot dogs are more than gas station food! Taste gourmet hot dogs made with love in America. Find a hot dog to go with the great-tasting pink soup.

Ramo dūmas
Time: 1 June  

Vilnius Pink Soup Fest smells like smoke! The chefs gathered real street food experience in the USA, Canada and Mexico before finally bringing it to Vilnius Pink Soup Fest. Once you have tasted the ribs, you must do it again. Your taste buds won't need a fireman, but a plate of pink soup might come in handy.

Ryk Lys 
Time: 1 June 

Hungry as sharks? Come and try not only the pink soup, but also a more serious bite of fish & chips. Finding this food truck is easy - the smell catches you and doesn't let you go.

Vegan mama
Time: 1 June 

A plant-based food mecca for anyone who cares not only about tasty food, but also about nature and animals. Lovingly prepared dishes and no guilt after eating.  Even pink soup is plant-based during Vilnius Pink Soup Fest - try it!

Bao Bao 
Time: 1 June 

Visit perhaps the only food truck in Lithuania where you can find Asian-inspired burgers. How is it different from the rest of the world? The steamed bun melts in your mouth and the combinations of ingredients are a real surprise. Another surprise is that during the festival you'll find not only burgers, but also pink soup.

We will wok 
Time: 1 June 

Get some pasta on your plate! The team here takes food seriously, even though they radiate good humour. The balanced Asian-inspired flavours and aromas will delight the stomachs of newcomers as much as a plate of pink soup. 

Time: 1 June 

The restaurant on wheels is coming to Vilnius Pink Soup Fest. Cold appetizers, salads, soups, hot appetizers, Mexican dishes, desserts and, of course, pink soup. This is not just street food, but a multi-course lunch or dinner!

The Rolling Waffles 
Time: 1 June 

It makes my heart sing! Dessert is a must after pink soup. The legendary, world-famous Dutch waffles, made according to a traditional recipe and coated in a delicious and smooth caramel, are a must-have for even the biggest of gourmets.

Time: 1 June 

Get your coffee energy up so you can visit all the Vilnius Pink Soup Fest attractions. Fit the theme and taste the pink latte!

Time: 1 June 

Grab a cup of coffee and embark on a Vilnius Pink Soup Fest adventure like true aristocrats. Choose your favourite beverage or try a special coffee for the festival.

Time: 1 June 

It's not just pink soup that refresh you in the summer. Raise a glass of non-alcoholic cocktail for Vilnius Pink Soup Fest! Or maybe a glass of pink soup cocktail? You are welcome! This is probably the most photogenic pink soup in your hand.

Gian Luca Demarco culinary studio
Time: 1 June 

It's not a mirage, it's an ice-cream bicycle! If you're overheating from the excitement, cool down with homemade Italian gelato ice cream based on recipes purified by Lithuanian Italian Gian Luca Demarco. Take the special opportunity to try the ice cream made especially for Vilnius Pink Soup Fest, which will appeal to gourmets who like unconventional combinations. But you'll also find everyone's favourite flavours like pistachio, salted caramel, mango, strawberry and many more. 

Exercise with “Vilnius sveikiau”
Time: 1 June, 12:30 p.m. from the big skating rink
Price: free

Get ready for the pink soup marathon of “Vilnius Pink Soup Fest”. Try an unconventional and very adventurous pink soup cooking exercise for the whole family. The exercise is based on movements related to the making of pink soup. Soak up the good emotions and build up your energy for the day.   

Vilnius “Automuziejus” cars
Time: 1 June 
Price: free. 

Admire or even take a photo in front of the pink soup ambassador car at Tymo market! A pink “Steyr 50” is as rare as a pink elephant - only 13,000 of these Austrian cars saw the light of day, so take advantage of a special opportunity to see this rare sight. If you like this car, visit the Vilnius “Automuziejus” and discover all the colours of the pink soup ingredients among the exhibits, including the iconic pink “Porsche 944 S2” convertible! If you arrive at the museum in a pink car, take a photo of it and share it on social media, you will receive a free ticket to the museum.

The Color Run music stop
Time: 1 June
Price: free

A party without good music? “Vilnius Pink Soup Fest” music will be played while skating on the big skating rink. 
Dance so that all the ingredients of the pink soup really mingle in your tummies! 

What is a pink soup car?
A pink soup car is a jeep that meets all the requirements for a pink soup:

·       Spacious. The bowl can fit a lot of pink soup (if it doesn't, we repeat!), so it has to fit a lot of equipment;

·       Cold. Air conditioning is not essential for summer warfare, but it is a very nice feature. Like soup, it doesn't have to be cold, but... pink soup!;

·       Pink. Yes yes, pink. 

Contribute to the purchase of a pink soup car by buying pink soup made by Ukrainians themselves and souvenirs brought directly from Ukraine. 100% of the money raised goes to the “Angels of Light” charity and support fund.