The Official Development Agency of the City of Vilnius

Application for Reimbursement of Expenses for the Organisation of an International Event

Details of the Event
Event Title*
Event date*
Exact location*
Total number of participants*
Percentage of foreign participants*
Frequency of the event*
Estimated number of nights per participant*
Foreign media presence*
History of the event (Year, city, country)*
What stage is the event at?*
Are the expenses for the organisation of the event covered by other sources of funding?
Results of the planned event, the lasting value for Vilnius *
Amount requested, in EUR (please omit if the exact amount is not yet clear)
Eligible expenses claimed (please tick up to 3 types of expenses) *
Applicant details
Name of the legal entity*
Legal entity code*
Address of its registered office*
Contact person (name, surname)*
Tel. (mob.)*
Hired event organiser (agency), contact person, tel.)
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