The Official Development Agency of the City of Vilnius

Amber Queen

According to the Lithuanian legend, amber is remains of the broken castle of the sea Goddess Jūratė after the Thunder God punished her for love for the simple fisherman Kęstutis.The Baltic amber is a part of the national heritage upholding crafts, processing tradition of which has survived through the centuries to the present day. Today technology, processing Lithuanian gold, has changed slightly, though products have gained more square forms, which reflect the latest fashion trends.

Didžioji g. 7, Vilnius 01128Google Maps
Working hours:

From May 1st. until October 1st.
I-VII: 10:00-21:00
From October 1st. until May 1st. 
I-VII: 10:00- 19:00


-50% with Vilnius Pass for the ticket

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