Summer Adventures at Liepkalnis

Located at the highest point in Vilnius, the Liepkalnis amusement park offers a variety of attractions that will teleport you right back to childhood. A toboggan ride in the summer? Try not to scream as you zip down the 350-metre track at 40km/h with your hair blowing in the wind. Or go down the hill on a monster scooter. With your adrenaline on high, make your way to the climbing park to conquer new heights. With over 30 different elements, the routes are created to challenge your climbing skills, whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced climber.

For even more leisurely fun, you can slide down the slopes in a tire, jump on a trampoline or conquer a bouncy castle. There’s also an exciting separate playground that kids can spend hours in. Once you’re tired, sit back, relax, and grab a bite at a cafe with a panoramic view. And then… repeat it all over again!
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