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Tour of the Republic of Užupis

Did you know that there’s a self-proclaimed independent republic in Vilnius? Užupis is one of the oldest of the city’s districts and was formerly a city suburb where the poorest residents used to live. Over time, more and more artists started moving to Užupis. This movement has completely changed the district’s image.

Today, Užupis is the most artistic and bohemian district of Vilnius. What’s more, it is a self-proclaimed republic with its own government, constitution, anthem, traditions and celebrations.

This tour includes visits to*:

  • The Užupis Bridge
  • The Užupis Angel
  • The Constitution of Užupis
  • The Užupis Art Incubator
  • The Church of St. Bartholomew
  • The courtyards of Užupis
  • The Bernardine Cemetery
  • An observation deck

 *This list of objects may vary


2-3 hours


From €95


English, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, German

Group size:

Up to 30

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