The Official Development Agency of the City of Vilnius

Secrets of the Courtyards of Vilnius

Back in the day, the courtyards of Vilnius were quite busy; people traded goods and extraordinary stories were born in them. What secrets do the courtyards keep? Come join this tour and find out.

The tour will take you to courtyards that once belonged to noble families, and you’ll also see the remains of ancient brick walls and stone houses while learning which courtyards were considered to be the prettiest.

The tour includes visits to*:

  • The courtyard of the A. Mickevičius Museum
  • Pilies g. 22 (the first botanical garden of Vilnius University)
  • The courtyard of the Chodkevičiai Palace
  • The courtyard of the Pacai Palace
  • The Alumnatas courtyard
  • Šv. Ignoto and Dominikonų streets
  • The courtyard of the Church of St. Michael

*This list of objects may vary


2-3 hours


From €95


English, Russian, Lithuanian

Group size:

Up to 30

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