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The Curious Case of Lukiškės Prison

Check out the new addition to Vilnius’ many quirky locations – go to prison! Lukiškės Prison housed inmates for more than a century, but today it welcomes everyone searching for adventure, new experiences and exquisite photo opportunities.

Short history

Built in 1904, the complex served as a prison until 2019, but it has since opened its doors to the public with an entirely new purpose. The century-old architecture tells a unique story – criminals, political prisoners and exiles were detained behind the prison’s walls. The intact interiors give visitors a glimpse at what everyday life was like in the prison. However, today artists and creators use the prison space to express their creative ideas and showcase them to the world.

Creativity behind prison walls

Take a walk inside the former prison to see the conditions in which inmates lived, learn more about everyday prison life and check out the cells during a tour. Or go on a scary adventure in the prison after dark on a special flashlight-guided tour. The place has such a unique atmosphere that it has already appeared in famous TV series and films, such as Stranger Things and How I Fell in Love With a Gangster. So, keep an eye out for all the little details while you walk around. Even though the prison itself is impressive, there’s much more to the space. Sit down and unwind in the prison courtyard during the day or come in the evening to check out light installations, performances and concerts! Lukiškės Prison is a place where art cannot be imprisoned – it knows no borders.

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