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Highlights of summer and autumn events in Vilnius

Vilnius never stands still! Although the city is about to celebrate its 700th anniversary, it is still very young, and its youthfulness is contagious for all its residents and visitors. Don’t sit still! Experience the joy of discovery, hear new stories, and make new memories in the city. The whole of Vilnius is full of sounds, is dancing, tasting, running, swimming, and creating. See young talents and world-famous stars, debate with creators, and be part of the adventure yourself. Vilnius offers you the best cultural gems. Everything is more spectacular together, so invite your friends and discover the highlights of Vilnius’ events and attractions. 

Town Hall Colonnade

26 May - 1 September
Vilnius Town Hall

Poetry, music, art, and free events is building bridges among Vilnius residents and visitors, inviting you to enjoy the summer together. It is also the place to celebrate events of great importance for Lithuania and Vilnius: the Baltic Way 33, the Independence Day of Ukraine, the Day of Freedom from Soviet Occupation, as well as the Youth and Science Day. This year, the festival is dedicated to the 635th anniversary of the Vilnius Magistrate and the upcoming 700th anniversary of Vilnius. 

Christopher Festival

11 July–20 September

The Christopher Festival invites you to a date with music and brings new colours to the programme. Jazz, experimental projects, traditional cycles – from the famous Carmen to the Beatles’ interpretations, laureates’ recitals and a constellation of performers will bring together a remarkable musical bouquet. Let the music overwhelm you under the vaults of the churches, under the summer sky, or in nature. This place is a cradle of the most unexpected ideas and where professional musicians break free from stylistic conventions. It’s summer after all! Many concerts are free. 

Vilnius Burger Fest

10 August
Tymo Market place 

Make sure your burger is more than just fast food. The biggest open-air gourmet summer feast beckons from afar with the smell of steaks. Juicy burgers rule the whole city, with chefs not only preparing traditional burgers in the open-air, but also offering authentic recipes and unique flavours you won’t get anywhere else. The festival welcomes not only meat lovers, but also vegetarians and vegans. And if you're up for a challenge, take part in Lithuania’s hottest pepper eating competition! 

Untold City Festival

18–26 August

Hear your favourite artists perform their songs in the spectacular Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University. Unconventional performances by famous artists will tell extraordinary stories. Even well-known songs gain new colours in a baroque setting. This year the August stars are even brighter, and the fourth edition of the festival is even bigger! 

Dîner en Blanc

19 August
Vilnius Old Town 

Once a year, Vilnius invites you to a special dinner where everyone wears white! At an undisclosed location in Vilnius Old Town, tables are set up on the last minute and a very elegant party with a French flair ensues. You’ll need to make an effort to attend the most festive dinner in town – not only will you need to dress in white, but you’ll also need to bring your own table and chairs, a tablecloth and a picnic basket, along with your favourite food. 


21 August 
Vilnius Old Town

Once you learn to ride a bike, you'll never forget. So, it's time to get on your bike and try your hand at the Velomarathon. Whether it's your only ride of the year or you’re aiming for sporting heights, the traditional Velomarathon invites you to ride through the streets of the Old Town. Have fun with your entire family – the track with prizes for the little ones might just inspire somebody to take cycling more seriously. There will be pleasant surprises and plenty of entertainment for everyone – you’ll even see a bicycle acrobats’ performance! 

Vilnius Swimming Marathon

27 August
Green Lakes

The Green Lakes are a favourite swimming destination, but the Vilnius Swimming Marathon invites you to rise to the challenge and swim 200 m or 1.5 km, 5 km, or 10 km. This time it’s not the goldfish or the mermaid that wins, but the best swimmer! Not only experienced swimmers are welcome, but also the youngest participants – for them it will be enough to run to the water and get wet. So set off on your own adventure! 

Vilnius Capital Days Festival

2–4 September 

Celebrate with Vilnius in the biggest fiesta of music, good food, culture, and good spirits. Live concerts, a fair in the heart of the city – in Gedimino Ave., exclusive artistic performances welcome the new autumn season to the city. Get ready for a lively cultural action and a variety of creative ideas. 

The Color Run

4 September
Vingis Park

The Color Run is also known as the happiest 5 kilometres on the planet. Inspired by the Indian festival of Holi, the run takes place in 50 countries around the world and will be held in Vilnius for the 9th time already. The Color Run is for everyone, regardless of age. Runners will be accompanied by music, cheers, and clouds of colour. Come with your family, your kids, your friends, your colleagues, more friends... It will be fun! 

International Festival of Contemporary Arts HELIUM

6–11 September
Menų spaustuvė

Get away from the everyday and immerse yourself in a world of fantasy, illusion, temporary beauty, and almost unlimited possibilities for people in the world. The circus is not just for children and not just funny but is always breath-taking. Musical performances by humans and robots, tests of the physical limits of human capabilities, sensitive themes and topical performances will prove that circus can be very different. Circus companies from all over the world will amaze you with their work and make you think.

Loftas Fest

8-11 September

In September, the city is buzzing with life, which is why the LOFTAS music festival takes place in an urban environment instead of nature. For four days and three nights, Vilnius will become a Mecca of music, art, and culture. The atmosphere is created by well-known and up-and-coming Lithuanian and foreign talents in former manufacturing sites. Electronic music, alternative bands, techno names and fans of good music all swaying to the same beat! Most of the performances are free. 

Early Music Festival – Banchetto Musicale International 

6–25 September 

It's not often you get to hear the most beautiful pieces of early music in Vilnius. This festival is not meant for classics only. This festival is dedicated to medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music, dance and theatre celebrates the anniversaries of famous composers, organises theatrical programmes and even puts on plays.

Rimi Vilnius Marathon

11 September
Vilnius Old Town

Lace up your running shoes and break your running record! Whether you want to run 42 km, half a marathon, 10 km, or 5 km. Don’t compete against others, compete against yourself! And show your children that running can be a celebration too – even the little ones can master 200 metres. Explore the Old Town of Vilnius with a running stride.

Fair of Nations

16–18 September
Vilnius Old Town

You can smell the fair from afar – the aromas of a wide variety of national cuisines tickle your nose and entice you to stop by. For the 14th time, you will taste traditional dishes from different cultures, learn about national customs and household traditions. Famous German sausages, Georgian bread, Karaite meat pastries and other delicacies tempt you to try everything. But this is not just a paradise for gourmets. Every year, the fair brings together the most active crafts and culinary masters, song, and dance virtuosos from Lithuania's ethnic communities.

Vilnius International Theatre Festival Sirenos

21 September – 9 October

Get ready to see a ‘different’ theatre, innovative works by world stage artists shaping a new theatre reality. The 18-year-old festival has become a traditional cultural event in Vilnius, breaking out of the daily routine, stirring the mind, and giving flesh to a theatrical event that affects everyone attending. The festival boldly ventures into unsafe territories and introduces young, unknown names, trying to discover what will be important tomorrow. International stars and performances from Lithuanian theatres will ask questions to which everyone will find their own answers. 

Tourism Day in Vilnius

24-25 September

Hidden stories, unexpected games, open museum doors and a host of tourist attractions will help you see the city as only foreign tourists usually can see. Visit Vilnius on 24–25 September! The city promises romance, a spirit of adventure, the joy of discovery and a special travel mood.

Researchers’ Night

25 September

“You don't have to be born an Einstein to discover something new every day!” is the motto of Researchers' Night, which invites you to get involved in innovation, technological progress, and discovery. Try out technologies, witness how they change our everyday lives and maybe even create something yourself. Science is not just about theory – take part in a night full of experiments, look over the shoulder of a lab worker and meet the creators.

ArtVilnius International Contemporary Art Fair

7-9 October

See the work of contemporary Lithuanian and international artists, take part in discussions, see exceptional performance art, take part in workshops, interact with the artists themselves and find out what inspires them. More than 20,000 artists attending the exhibition will visit around 60 art galleries from 15 countries over three days. Who will be your favourite?

Vilnius Jazz International Jazz Festival

12-16 October 

A wave of contemporary jazz and improvisational music that has become a tradition in the city. This is a rare opportunity to see the most famous foreign jazz artists in Lithuania, discover musical trends, hear rising stars and taste the jazz avant-garde. Immerse yourself in the free spirit of the festival and choose what will spark your curiosity from the varied programme.

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