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Have Fun in Vilnius Without Getting Off the Couch

If you miss Vilnius or are stuck at home with little to do, the city still has a great deal to offer. Life has moved from the streets to the virtual world, but entertainment is plenty and the atmosphere is filled with fun. You might even meet new acquaintances. Paid and free events, concerts, performances, movies and exhibitions will allow you to travel around Vilnius and explore the works of influential creators from the comfort of home. Join the events and invite your friends for a great night out.


Music is the universal language, and concerts are a celebration of that language. From classical music to contemporary performers, the music is as great as ever, even if the audience has moved to their living rooms.

Lithuanian National Philharmonic TV

The Lithuanian National Philharmonic has created a series of performances especially for the quarantine and the recordings are of exceptional quality. The concerts are completely free and you can choose a time that’s most convenient for you. Check out the recordings by Lithuanian and foreign performers, and works by classical or contemporary composers. If you're interested in music history, you'll hear more about various instruments in the Music Encyclopaedia in Brief programme.

Price: free


Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

While the quarantine forced theatres to close their doors, no one has the power to lock the door to music. All you have to do is invite it into your home! Marvel at the voices of theatre soloists and listen to your favourite performances in the Avanscena concert series. The concerts are free and there’s a schedule of performances, but if you can’t join during a dedicated timeslot, you can visit their Facebook account for recordings of their concerts.

Price: free


Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra

Support local performers while enjoying exclusive classical music. You can listen to famous operas, impressive symphonies and Lithuanian national prize-winners from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the live ticket price. The exceptional quality of the recordings will make you feel like you’re in the concert hall.

Price: 5-17 Eur



Parties are moving from the clubs and into your home! Connect with friends and dance to electronic music or the rhythms of contemporary Lithuanian performers. Failed to connect for a live performance? Just watch a recording. Despotin Fam, Jurga Šeduikytė, Afrodelic, Kabloonak and others will groove right in your living room.

Price: free



The world’s most famous artworks can be seen online, but a guided walk through a museum will allow you to look at art differently. Spend a meaningful afternoon visiting a museum with the whole family.

MO Museum

Check out the virtual tours of the contemporary museum’s popular recent exhibitions: Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway’s curated exhibition, Why is it so hard to love? The Origin of Species: 1990s DNA or Mekas Winks Better. Take a walk around the exhibition, see the works and learn more about the background of the art as well. The guides are available in English.

Price: free



Have you already binged everything on Netflix? Discover the latest award-winning films and a selection of captivating stories told on screen. A bonus? While you watch movies on your couch, nothing will stop you from eating popcorn or, on the contrary, basking in complete silence. If you really like the movie, you can even watch it a few times.


Indulge in a film by Fellini, a Scandinavian movie or recent works by talented young directors. Try and see if you like it – watch the first movie for free and you can watch it for 48 hours. The movies are in English or with English subtitles.

Price: 3-4 Eur


Kino deli

If you’re a movie buff, you’ll love this. Select from a range of popular films, romantic stories, Lithuanian cinema, musicals and animations for the whole family. If popcorn is an inseparable part of the cinema experience, get yours in advance from an online store. Also, the first movie is free.

Price: 2.5-5 Eur


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