A world of flavours under one roof

Capitals around the world are melting pots for many different nations, their cultures and, of course, their flavours. Vilnius is no exception, especially since this city has historically been open to people of different nationalities and their traditions. Today, a wide variety of global flavours can be found all under one roof at modern food halls and a few older marketplaces still operating in the city.

Halės Market

One of the oldest market areas in Vilnius where people have been trading since the 15th century, the Halės Market building dates back to 1906. It’s where you’ll find produce sold by both small farmers and larger-scale businesses, remnants of the Soviet-era, as well as trendy new spots with delicious food, like bakeries, butchers, cheese and wine shops, a bagel deli, and a bistro.

You’ll enjoy it if you appreciate places that are really authentic yet at the same time slightly eclectic.
Payment: mainly cash for products, but cards are accepted at some eateries
Location: Pylimo 58
Opening hours:
II-VI: 7:00-18:00, VII: 7:00-15:00

Benedikto Market

You’ll get the impression of being in a Mediterranean marketplace once you step foot in Benedikto. This modern food market is a little bit outside the city centre but definitely worth a visit for its wide variety of food on offer and the pleasant atmosphere. Not only can you treat yourself to a meal at Benedikto Market, but you will also find all sorts of Lithuanian products and edible souvenirs at a non-touristy price. In total, there are 32 shops and 9 places to eat.

You’ll enjoy it if you like to visit spots that are popular among locals.
Payment: cash or card, and even mobile payments at some places
Location: Ukmergės 259A
Opening hours: I-VI: 9:00-20:00, VII: 9:00-18:00

Gourmet Panorama

Located in a shopping centre, this is the first and largest gourmet food hall in the Baltics. There are 19 different food stories and restaurants represented here, including quality steaks and burgers, fresh seafood, a wide variety of authentic baked goods, a range of Asian (Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese), Caribbean and Middle Eastern choices, as well as pizza and other Mediterranean delicacies.

You’ll enjoy it if you fancy a gourmet meal while shopping.
Payment: cash or card
Location: Saltoniškių 9
Opening hours: I-VI: 10:00-22:00, VII: 10:00-21:00

Downtown Food Hall

Downtown Food Hall and Kino Deli is the first place in Vilnius where a food hall is also...a movie theatre. Housing 14 mini restaurants, Downtown Food Hall has examples of all kinds of global cuisine: sushi, a South-East Asian menu, some of the best falafel in the city, various vegan options, juicy burgers, chicken, Chinese food, fish & chips, and, last but not least, desserts. You can enjoy your meal at the tables spread out like a food court both inside and on the terrace, or you can take it with you into the movie theatre.

You’ll enjoy it if you are looking for a place with different meal options right in the city centre. Plus, you can get kill two birds with one stone: a movie and a meal!
Payment: card only
Location: A. Smetonos 5
Opening hours: I-IV: 11:00-21:00, V-VI: 11:00-22:00, VII: 11:00-19:00

Kalvarijų Market

This is definitely a different kind of market than the other ones in this guide. It isn’t cool or contemporary, but it is full of very different people selling all kinds of different things. Kalvarijų is where you can find a lot of local produce. Part of the market is located in pavilions, while the rest of the stalls are outside (no matter the weather – snow in winter or heat in summer). Even if you don’t buy anything, Kalvarijų Market is worth the visit for its truly authentic vibe and characteristic Stalinist architecture.

You’ll enjoy it if you’re not looking for something trendy and modern, if you’re interested in the remnants of the Soviet era, and if you want to buy fresh produce rather than ready-made meals.
Payment: mostly cash only
Location: Kalvarijų 61
Opening hours: II-VII: 7:00-17:00

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