The most spectacular events of 2023 in Vilnius

Vilnius never stands still! Although the city is celebrating its 700th anniversary, it is still very young, and its youthfulness is contagious for all its residents and visitors.The whole of Vilnius is full of sounds, is dancing, tasting, running, swimming, and creating. See young talents and world-famous stars, debate with creators, and be part of the adventure yourself. 

Kaziukas Fair

3-5 March 2023

The city’s most anticipated and popular fair has been the first harbinger of spring since the 17th century. Tradespeople from all over Lithuania come to Vilnius, armed with string-loads of riestainis (a traditional ring-shaped bread) and colourful verba (Easter palms). Kaziukas Fair is held to celebrate the feast day of St Casimir – the patron saint of Lithuania, which is why the St Casimir procession is one of the main events. During the fair, you might also run into a medieval dweller or two, who will let you try on a knight’s armour or mint a commemorative coin for you. You will be drawn in by the smell of meat being grilled on an open fire and traditional stews being cooked right in front of you. New traditions and young creators also find a place for themselves at the fair. You’ll come home from the fair as if you were coming from a faraway land– with bags full of souvenirs. You’ll bring back delicious products made by farmers, get dressed from head to toe, and delight the kids with unique toys. 

Street Music Day

20 May 2023

Vilnius ushers in spring with a bang! On the third Saturday of May, music raises the roofs of the city when all of the local musicians take to the streets to show off their talents. This tradition started in 2007, when musician Andrius Mamontovas invited everyone to make music in the city for the first time. There’s room enough for everyone in the Vilnius Old Town, so it’s not surprising to walk down Pilies Street and see a folk group playing, and then hear hard rock just a few hundred steps away. New talents perform alongside to the country’s most famous musicians. The parks and squares, streets and alleys, and sometimes even public transport resound all day long.

Open House Vilnius

Spring 2023

Open House Vilnius is a weekend of architecture, when buildings that are usually closed to visitors open their doors. All weekend long, free tours are offered in buildings that stand out for their unique architecture and importance to the city, with volunteers and the architects and residents of the buildings acting as guides. More than 70 buildings in Vilnius will be open to visitors during the event, from embassies, libraries and museums to courthouses and even a power plant. 

Culture Night

16 June 2023

One magical summer night, Vilnius is so impatient it can’t sleep. Visiting more than 100 events at the one-night culture and art festival known as Culture Night is quite a challenge. Free shows, theatre and dance performances, film screenings, concerts, exhibitions of contemporary installations and a wealth of other events draw more than 150,000 people to the Old Town. Magical gardens sprout up in the city, forgotten spaces come to life, illuminated buildings take on new forms at night, the sounds of music ripple over the city’s baroque architecture, dancers rise and descend, and the city simply buzzes with excitement.

Vilnius City Fiesta

1-3 September 2023

The city welcomes autumn. After a long and lazy summer holiday, the city’s guests are still relaxing, while locals return to the capital... straight into its biggest cultural festival. The streets of the capital are flooded with art projects, musical performances and a craft fair. The free events give you the opportunity to totally immerse yourself in cultural life. Gediminas Avenue hums with creative ideas and music. Performances by Lithuania’s most famous musicians resound in Cathedral Square. The Neris River, which flows near the Old Town, comes to life – during the day you can taste street food by it, and after dark you can go there to admire the light projections. 

Gastronomy Week

6-12 November 2023

Take a gourmet tour of local restaurants and discover unexpected flavours. During Gastronomy Week, many restaurants offer tasting menus that are cheaper than usual, opening their doors wide to those who want to learn about gastronomy, food trends, and what restaurant chefs are capable of. The week also features various gastronomy projects, including cinema, educational workshops and tours. Be sure to visit and be amazed!

Christmas in the Capital

From 2 December 2023

December is the most anticipated month of the year, when the city turns into a festive fairy tale. This is at least 5-6 weeks of exclusive holiday events and an infectious festive atmosphere in various spaces in the heart of the capital. Vilnius is lit up by one of the most impressive Christmas trees in Europe, and is ready to delight with fun concerts, Christmas markets that smell of gingerbread, an open-air skating rink, and the Christmas Train that kids love – both young and old are sure to find pleasure and entertainment. Keep your eye out for the many free events and create beautiful memories that you will cherish forever. 

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