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Experience sensational Vilnius

Don’t believe the rumours – you have to see Vilnius with your own eyes to really understand it. Once you do, you’ll find a dynamic arts and culture scene, an innovative outlook on the future and an overall cosy vibe that makes for a city you won’t want to stop discovering.

The whole city is an open-air cafe with an UNESCO-listed view

If you’re sitting outside in Vilnius, chances are you’re at a cafe. More than a hundred bars, cafes and restaurants have taken to the outdoors to facilitate physical distancing, filling plazas and other public places with pop-up tables and transforming the city into a giant outdoor cafe sprawled across the entire Old Town.

Enjoy your favourite drink or meal with a magnificent view of one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe while basking in the shining summer sun.

A former prison turned chill spot

Located right in the heart of the city centre. Lukiškės Prison served its intended purpose for over a century before being decommissioned. Since then, it’s become somewhat of a star while serving as the backdrop for season three of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The prison complex is now open to the public and is one of the city’s most peculiar chill spots – you can grab a drink or attend a concert in the prison courtyard, or even take a tour of its historic buildings.

Now that you're here, visit another country

The Republic of Užupis is the smallest district of Vilnius, separated from the Old Town by the Vilnia River. It’s home to various artists and intellectuals, and even declared independence in 1997…kinda.

It has its own anthem, government, currency and a very unique constitution translated into several languages, which you can find on one of its walls. No visa required.

*Pardaviminis pasiūlymas*

Meet a Local

Do you want to know the real deal? Do you want to discover that little place around that hidden corner that happens to be amazing? Do you want to get the inside knowledge directly from the source? Then, get a local to show you all those places! Jump into the culture directly and hang out with the real people of Vilnius.

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Į Vilnių atvykti yra paprasta – reikalavimai, norintiems atvykti 

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