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How-to Session | Housing

About this workshop  

Finding a place to call home is one of the most important boxes to tick when settling in a new city. Join this how-to workshop for a detailed overview of the local housing market and get loads of tips and tricks to facilitate the process of renting or even buying your own place in Vilnius.

What to expect from our how-to session on housing:

13:00-13:15 Overview of housing in Vilnius

A representative from Go Vilnius will provide the basics of the various housing options in the city, as well as the different districts and areas you might want to consider, depending on your personal needs. You’ll also get important information about declaring your place of residence in Vilnius, which is mandatory for all residents of the city.

13:15-13:30 Apartments, houses and other rental options in Vilnius

Led by a real estate expert this portion of the workshop will cover all things related to renting a place in Vilnius. This will include how to go about searching for a home, price ranges and neighbourhoods, renting directly from a landlord vs. hiring an agency, signing a lease, deposits and more.

13:30-13:45 Rent-to-buy

This expert-led session will offer an overview of the rent-to-buy system, which allows individuals to lease a property with the option to purchase it over the course of the agreement. Find out how it works, who is eligible for rent-to-buy programmes, and the process to get started.

13:45-14:00 Purchasing Real Estate

Get insight into the real estate market if you’re planning on purchasing a property in Vilnius, now or in the future. A real estate agent will talk you through the various steps involved in becoming a homeowner, including eligibility for foreigners to purchase a property in Lithuania, mortgage systems, necessary documentation, pricing and additional costs, and more.

14:00-14:30 Q&A


Online, Zoom 

When :


13:00 (Vilnius time)

Price :


Length :

1.5 hours 

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