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Things to do in Vilnius as Christmas approaches

The holidays in Vilnius are special – the city is decorated, glowing and full of things to do. This holiday season is the perfect time to make memories, create new traditions and try something new. So, what should you do in Vilnius over the holidays? After checking out one of Europe’s most beautiful Christmas trees, set out on a holiday journey filled with things to remember! Whether it’s fun winter entertainment, spectacular installations, magical stories, wishes for the city, a running challenge or museum events, Vilnius will give you priceless gifts that you can enjoy for days on end.
Spend time with family or friends, have fun alone, or explore the city through the eyes of a tourist. The holiday fun in Vilnius will create a festive spirit like you’ve never seen. Take a break from the Christmas rush and experience the holidays with your heart while taking some time for yourself. Find out what fun activities are in store!

Ice skating in the middle of Vilnius

Location: the White Bridge

Skate, skate, skate! Before Christmas, relive some of your best childhood memories or create new ones by lacing up your skates and going for a spin at the Vilnius Ice Rink by the White Bridge. You don’t have to be a pro to join in the winter fun – if you’re hesitant, the penguin helpers will come to your rescue and keep you balanced, and skating will be even more fun! Whatever the weather, the ice at the covered rink is always perfect. Don’t have your own skates? No problem – you can rent a pair there! There is also a café nearby, so once you’re done skating you can stop by for a treat and feel the festive mood. Take advantage of free entry for the entire family on weekends at 10:00, and for schoolchildren, students and seniors on weekdays. An Opportunity Passport or other equivalent document is required for entry. The skating schedule is available at:

Believe in a Christmas tale in 3D format

Location: Cathedral Square

What creates Christmas magic? Seeing one of the most impressive traditions of the holiday season in Vilnius – a 3D Christmas tale. Every year, the great wall of Vilnius Cathedral turns into a canvas where the bright colours of video projections dazzle and stories of amazing beauty are told. This year’s 3D tale will take you to a completely different time and space – you will see Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, which will remind you what Christmas is really about. Immerse yourself in a world full of festive magic. The 3D Christmas tale lasts 15 minutes and will be shown seven times per evening from 25 to 30 December: 16:40-16:55, 17:05-17:20, 18:15-18:30, 19:30-19:45, 20:05-20:20, 20:30-20:45 and 21:00-21:15. Learn more about the 3D Christmas tale here:

Congratulate Vilnius over a loudspeaker 

Location: Town Hall Square

On 25 January 2022, there will be exactly one year left until Vilnius’ 700th anniversary, but the celebration is already starting. The sage Lizdeika once helped Grand Duke Gediminas interpret a dream he had about an iron wolf, saying that the capital will stand here and news of it will spread around the world. Soon after, Gediminas wrote letters to artisans and merchants across Europe, inviting them to Vilnius. Now you can also congratulate Vilnius on its anniversary by making a wish into a big, stylised loudspeaker/light installation. It will trumpet loudly about the Lithuanian capital’s upcoming anniversary. So come over, take a picture and make a wish that will echo far and wide and illuminate the city.

Atraskite save šventiniame patyrime MO muziejuje

Vieta: MO muziejus, Pylimo g. 17

Šventiniu laikotarpiu pabėkite nuo šurmulio ir skirkite truputį laiko sau. Ženkite pro įspūdingus vartus ir pasivaikščiokite neįprastame skulptūrų sode prie MO muziejaus. Juk žengdami pro vartus žengiame į į naują, nepažįstamą pasaulį. Kitapus vartų pamirškite kasdienę rutiną, čia  lauks šventė, atokvėpis ir nusiraminimas. Šviesos instaliacija, skulptūros ir garso takelis leis nukreipti mintis nauja linkme, pagalvoti apie ateinančius metus, paieškoti prasmės, sustabdyti žavingą akimirką. Įspūdinga instaliacija laukia jūsų visą parą gryname ore, todėl vaikščiodami sode skirtingu metu patirsite jį vis kitaip. Čia rasite Nacionalinės premijos laureatų - Mindaugo Navako, Petro Mazūro, Vlado Urbanavičiaus, taip pat Ksenijos Jaroševaitės, Vinco Kisarausko kūrinius. Norėdami daugiau sužinoti apie sode matomas skulptūras, pasiklausykite audiogido istorijų – skulptūrų istorijas kurs garsūs lietuvių rašytojai. Daugiau apie patį sodą sužinoste

Have a meaningful time and spend Christmas at the museum

Location: National Museum of Lithuania

The best gift is a new experience. The National Museum of Lithuania has put together an impressive holiday programme for anyone who wants more of them. As you wait for Christmas to come, have fun with the whole family, learn more about the meaning of the holiday, get ready for Christmas and bring home some lasting memories. Attend a stained glass, Christmas ornament, candle casting or paper cutting workshop. Fun and engaging activities await at the National Museum of Lithuania. Take a themed tour, uncover the secret of the Basilisk, attend an Advent evening or learn about Christmas in Egypt. And the museums won’t be closed for the holidays – all branches of the National Museum of Lithuania will be offering free admission on Boxing Day! So, get up from the table and feed your soul, learn something new and give yourself a special experience. Find out more about the museum’s holiday events here:

Find a perfect present in Christmas fair

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift is an art, but Vilnius makes it easy and fun. The six Christmas fairs of Vilnius have your back – you can find a gift to make anybody smile. From traditional crafts to modern designs, local creators make Santa proud. Every gift from one of the Christmas fairs has a wonderful story to go with it – talk to the artisans, find out more about their processes and experience the festive atmosphere. Gift a piece of a Christmas fairy tale from Vilnius and don’t forget to treat yourself as well! Find out more HERE>.

Cultural conversion in Lukiškės Prison 2.0

Location: Lukiškių skg. 6

Delicious food, music and cultural conversion will intertwine outside the heavy prison gates on December 14-17. For the first time, a gastro fair with many tastes, smells, jazz music and dances will take place inside the century-old fort under the octagonal dome.
The gourmet festival, full of handmade cheeses, sweets, coffee and other edible gifts, will be complemented by special movie screenings, tastings, live music, dance lessons and a night movement in the prison ring by The Schwings Band, What A Jazz. and other well-known music figures.
Lukiškės Prison 2.0 invites you to come to the festively decorated spaces every day from 4 pm to 10 pm and enjoy time at the unique Christmas fair for gourmet experiences.

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