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Dance at Vilnius’ Open-Air Discotheque if The Roop Wins Eurovision 2021

As excitement continues to mount in the lead-up to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, fans across the continent and the world are eager to see who will break from the pack this year. And while Lithuania’s The Roop is preparing to take the stage in Rotterdam to invite Europe to dance along to their new song Discoteque, Vilnius is betting big on their hometown heroes and preparing for a winning scenario. In a show of support for The Roop and to add to the excitement people are already feeling across the country, Vilnius’ Mayor has promised to organise an Open Discoteque in the city when it’s safe to do so if the group wins Eurovision 2021!

Dancing at home is great – but an open-air discotheque is something we could all use

Though safety will remain the top priority, just imagine how uplifting dancing the night away at Vilnius’ Open Discoteque would be. Plus, it would certainly be among the first-ever discotheques set in a UNESCO-listed Old Town, and the fresh air and open spaces will inspire everyone to let loose and have tons of fun.  

Vilnius inspired cities around the world last year when it transformed into a giant open-air café to support businesses and give the community a sense of normalcy in unprecedented times. With the possibility of this concept returning again this year and the Roop-inspired Open Discoteque, the city will definitely be able reinforce the reputation it’s building as a trend-setter. 

May the odds be ever in our favour

Sure, the Open Discoteque depends on The Roop winning this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but it’s a bet the city is willing to take. Bookmakers have The Roop ranked among TOP entries to win it all. Plus, The Roop has a lot of good karma coming its way – On Fire, their catchy entry to last year’s contest was an instant hit and many considered it to be a favourite to win. We all know what happened next…

Despite last year’s contest being cancelled, On Fire went on to win the German alternative TV final – Das Deutsche Finale. Also, in 2020 ESC Radio listeners voted for the The Roop to win both their Best Group and Best Song awards. Needless to say, The Roop is coming into the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with a lot of momentum, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

A well-deserved opportunity to let loose and dance your heart out

After spending more than a year in limbo, we’re all ready for something amazing to look forward to, and Vilnius’ Open Discoteque is just that. And don’t worry if you’re unsure about your dance moves – the band has some quirky and easy-to-master choreography, and anything else would work just fine at Open Discoteque. Take it from The Roop, who believe that music and dance can set us free: “There’s not a single person who can’t dance. Dancing is innate; it’s a tool that can also heal scars.”

So, if you love Eurovision as much as Lithuanians do, and think the idea of having an open-air discotheque in Vilnius sounds like an unmissable party, make sure to support The Roop in their quest to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. A win for The Roop will be a win for everyone who gets to dance at Vilnius’ Open Discoteque.

Wallpaper to download

Wallpaper to download

Open Discoteque
Open Discoteque
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