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The Online Welcome to Vilnius Workshop

The Welcome to Vilnius workshop covers an array of themes, from navigating important legal issues to integrating smoothly into the local community. Experts from a number of relevant institutions will guide you through the basics, from your day-to-day life in Vilnius all the way through to the more complex issues. They will also field any specific questions you may have.
Though the Welcome to Vilnius Workshops are generally held in person, a decision has been made to host them online for the time being so anyone can join from the comfort and safety of their own home. So if you have recently moved to Vilnius or you are interested in finding out what has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure to join too.
This workshop will be held online with experts from various institutions, including: Renkuosi Lietuvą, Sodra, Susisiekimo paslaugos, Ober-Haus and Work in Lithuania.

Workshop date:

2 June, 2020




  • First Steps in Vilnius: Migration and Visa

  • Health Insurance

  • Social Security

  • Real Estate

  • Getting Around the City

  • Career Opportunities in Vilnius

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